Overseas Prime Block

Capital Smart City is another admirable project in Islamabad and it claims to be the smartest city in Pakistan by far. The project is designed at a whole new level of amazing infrastructure which is enhanced by its own luxury and comfort. The destination is Eco-friendly because as per the plan, the resource utilization is maximum with the damage to the environment on the contrary is bare minimum, offers modern and sustainable living. The roads are kept wide enough with linear parking (50 feet width) making sure that the availability of daily amenities comes into approach after every 400 meters coverage of the distance. The work on the design of the Capital Smart City is done under the complete supervision of Subana Jurong (a specialist firm of developers from Singapore) Everything big and small has been taken care of by the designers, from electric bikes to automatic light sensors, along with smart farms.

 Capital Smart city Location

Capital Smart City is located at a 5-7 minutes at distance away from the New Islamabad International Airport, at the motorway (M2). The Capital City  can be conveniently reached from the outside as well as the inside of ISB. Capital Smart City has got a grand entrance with 18-Lanes (400 Ft. wide).

capital smart city location map

Overseas Prime Block Capital Smart City

Overseas Block Location

The Overseas Prime Capital Smart City location falls into the eastern side of CPEC. Capital Smart City Overseas Prime block is located at a height of the entire Capital Smart City Islamabad and it oversees its splendid features and beautiful structure. The area provides breathtaking views like Lakes, Rivers, Chahan Dam, Khairi Murat Mountains, Lush green gardens, golf clubs and much more. This housing society has a separate gated community.

Overseas Prime block location map

About Overseas Block 

The Capital Smart City launched its Overseas Prime Block with a aim of fulfilling a desire for a convenient and a healthy lifestyle, meanwhile making sure that it best serves our environment. The greenery is watered daily by using the recycled water (like the water used in mosques for ablution). The sewerage system is designed well to avoid environmental hazards. The overseas prime block capital smart city targets the Non-Resident Pakistanis in particular.

Overseas Prime Block Offerings

The Overseas prime block area has both the commercial and Residential blocks with residential plots for the following dimensions à 1 Kanal, 2 Kanal, 5 Marla, 7 Marla and 10 Marla.

Overseas Prime Block Benefits

The Overseas Block at the Capital Smart City is seen as the best housing project in Pakistan by far in terms of market potential and endless benefits for investors along with huge return on profits. The entire Overseas block is designed with mind-blowing beauty, and facilities.  Along with this following are the reasons that force into buying the Overseas Blocks at the CSC:

  • This housing scheme has a direct access to the Main Chakri Road called Smart Broadway.
  • Assures a great opportunity to all the investors who wish to buy highly-profitable properties in Islamabad and invest in for high returns later.
  • Return you with huge profits on investment.
  • Has wide carpeted and spacious roads along with amenities available after each 400m, beautiful view of greenery and helping to prevent contestation.
  • Overseas Prime Block is a good decision to live and invest both.
  • Offers a variety of residential plots.
  • The prices that are launched recently are extremely affordable and also an easy installment plan is offered.
  • Down payment starts with as low as 10% in the start and followed by another 10% after confirmation.
  • The eye-catching and breath-taking views like Skyline of Capital Smart City, 18-hole PGA standard golf course, lake view, mountains, Chahan Dam, Ferris wheel, race track, sports area, and lush greenery with the added benefits of healthy environment.
  • Nearby facilities like hospitals, grocery stores, mosques and etc.

Overseas Block Payment plan

The Payment Plan of Capital Smart City Overseas Prime Block has been designed to provide investors with a maximum possible ease of investment. Therefore, the overseas prime block payment plan is divided into a 36 Monthly Installments and 6 Half Yearly Installments with a 10% down payment and 10% confirmation. With this an investor can book their plots at the Overseas prime block Capital Smart City without any burden and they can also secure their future returns.

The Overseas Prime Commercial Block 4 marla plot (100 sq. yard) is at the high demand among investors. The Overseas Prime 4 Marla plot´s total Unit price is 11,050,000 PKR, the payments can be done in installments over 3 years plan. The rebate is offered of 5 % off on 50 % down payment and a 10 % off on 100 % down payment. R/P/MS fee is 20,000 PKR which is non-refundable. The Payment breakdown is defined as the 10 % down payment: 1,105,000 PKR, followed by 10% confirmation: 1,105,000 PKR. The 36 monthly installments is: 122,780 PKR and a 6 half yearly installments is: 736,660 PKR.

If the buyer demands for a location of the plot that is facing park, is at the corner, has direct access to the main road (between 41´ and 99´) then the 10% of additional charges (1,105,000 PKR) are added in the total unit cost which is 11,050,000 PKR .


 payment plan 4 marla commercial plot overseas prime block