KMC Karachi to Take Action Against Illegal Bungalows

The KMC Karachi had decided earlier to fall down the Bungalows: 38/G/1-A, 38/G/1-B, 38/G/1, 38/G/1-C, but could not act. However, Hill Parkland belongs to KMC Karachi.

They had scheduled the execution of the operation in February 2020 and in 2021 before Eid. But these operations could not proceed.

Reasons for giving up the operations  

Siddique briefed: Iftikhar Shallwani, former commissioner of Karachi, directed the KMC Karachi Land Department to conduct the complete survey of Hill Parkland. The department would then examine the survey.

He added more, Shallwani directed the KMC officials to study the legal documents of those bungalows and also examine other localities near Hill Parkland. Siddique further added that on the slope of Hill Park, taking actions against this illegality was delayed until survey completion.

Facts Behind the Bungalows’ Demolishment 

The Karachi Development Authority had shaped out the four bungalows by its Master Plan Department in early 1980. A former official of KMC Karachi told these facts to the SAMMA news.

He added more than the PECHS(Pakistan Employee Cooperation Housing Society) had formed 1200 square yard land as part of the plan and made it approved by the MPD.

They carved another 800 

square yard after a few years and revised the same practice.

As they got the approval of 2000 square yards, PECHS carved four plots of 500 squares yards each. This issue came in notice of the Supreme court when it took a case relating to land supposed for parks and playgrounds.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan orders the KMC Karachi to clear all controversies and submit the report to the court.

The executive engineer of PECHS, Mohammad Nasir, talked to the SAMMA news about a few months ago. He confirmed that four bungalows which are situated on Lane -38, had become part of the plan.

He said further that the MPD approved the part-plan in the mid-1970s. He added more than by flattening the slope of Hill Park; the bungalows were constructed.

Amin Lakhani, Deputy Director of KMC Karachi anti-encroachment, stated that they constructed these bungalows illegally upon Hill Park Land.

Lakhani told the media that those bungalows would be demolished within one week, though the front portion of the buildings had been demolished.

The officials stated that the KMC Karachi had issued notice to the residents of the bungalows before Eid. They left their residences earlier this week.