KMC Administrator authorizes a surplus KMC budget of PKR 26 billion

The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation cleared a tax-free budget of PKR 25.982 billion on Tuesday. A surplus of PKR 12 million and expected expenditures of around PKR 25.970 billion for the next financial year 2021-22. In the absence of an elected body, KMC Administrator Laeeq Ahmed used the City Council’s powers to approve the budget. The KMC budget does not include any additional taxes. According to the KMC administrator, they gave attention to development initiatives in the public interest for the coming fiscal year.

Non-development programs have been kept to a bare minimum, while new and ongoing road, garden, playground, and sports complex projects have been introduced to strengthen Karachi’s infrastructure.

The KMC Administrator stated that 200 programs initiated in the previous fiscal year would be expedited and finished in the following fiscal year under the Annual Development Programs (ADP).

With the arrival of the monsoon sea.son, the KMC Administrator said that priority would be given to programs that were likely to help the citizens. “The storm-water drain cleaning operation is ongoing and will continue in the future,” he added.

According to the administrator, all critical areas in Karachi, including the zoo, Hill Park, Kidney Hill Park, and Bagh Ibne Qasim, would be improved. At the same time, a total of 45 parks in KMC will be developed.

The Octroi Zila Tax (OZT) share and grant-in-aid of PKR 15.07 billion from the Sindh government is the primary source of revenue in the KMC budget, while the District ADP is estimated to be moreover PKR 5 billion.

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A total of PKR 2.451 billion has been aside for development projects in the coming fiscal year’s budget, in addition to funding for district ADP. The revenue departments of KMC are expected to collect PKR 1.70 billion, while the Municipal Utility Charges Tax (MUCT) is expected to collect PKR 1 billion.

In the KMC budget, there are outstanding dues of PKR 1.85 billion on K-Electric and PKR 100 million on the Karachi Port Trust.

Similarly, PKR 1.53 billion from the World Bank-funded CLICK project, PKR 184.7 million from culture, sports and recreation; PKR 261.5 million from transportation and communication; PKR 222.9 million from veterinary services; PKR 201 million from municipal services; PKR 100 million in income transfer from the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA); PKR 95 million from the engineering department.

PKR 800 million is for road construction from Machli Chowk to Kanupp Road; PKR 300 million is for the rehabilitation and development of Allama Shabbir Ahmed Usmani Road. PKR 120 million is for drain cleaning. PKR 100 million is to repair extension joints on all bridges, and PKR 100 million is for the supply and installation of drainage sewerage lines.

PKR 70 million is allocated for Shahabuddin Market, which is adjacent to Empress Market; PKR 68 million is set aside for the purchase of ventilators in KMC hospitals; Rs60 million is earmarked for the installation and repair of street lights on Mai Kolachi Road; PKR 50 million is reserved for roadside tree planting; PKR 50 million is allocated for the purchase of animals and birds in Karachi Zoo and Safari Park, and PKR 49 million is for the purchase.