Hyderabad Sukhur Motorway  Projects, ECNEC Approved Rs. 361.5 billion

On Wednesday, The Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) approved Rs. 361.5 billion for Hyderabad-Sukhur Motorway projects. It includes ten projects and a 306 km Motorway (M-6).

The Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen allowed permission for the construction of the Hyderabad-sukhur Motorway. In a video meeting, he informed a meeting of ECNEC that the Motorway would have an estimated cost of 191.471 billion. He added further that the fenced Motorway would be built on an Operate and Transfer basis.

The project is supposed to be fulfilled in 30 months. The Public-Private Partnership Authority board had proposed 76 billion government funding, but that is now extended to 5O%.

The PPPA directors have agreed to provide 92 billion for the construction of the Hyderabad-sukher Motorway. They aimed to make the project attractive.

Besides the project of Hyderabad Sukher Motorway, the ECNEC approved the construction of many projects like Hoshab-Awaran-Khuzdar sections of the M-8 project-168 Km section 2-Awara Naal at the estimated cost of Rs.32.245 billion. The National Highway Authority will build retaining walls, bridges, toe walks, box culverts, and shoulders.


The National Economic Council’s Executive Committee( ECNEC) also approved the restoration and dualization of the Mardan-Swabi road, which is expected to be excuted by 2023 with an estimated cost of 13.024 billion.

The National Economic Council’s Executive Committee ECNEC approved Rs.28.156 billion for the rehabilitation of southern, central, and eastern regions of KP. This would help the province is emerging.

The ECNEC also announced to approve 16.4 billion for a 30 MW hydropower project at Gowari on the bank of river Shyok in Ghanchi project in Gilgit Baltistan. it also approved 12.922 billion for 20 MAW hydropower plant in the Hazel District in Gilgit Baltistan.

Furthermore, the (ECNEC) did approve 20.822 billion for COVID-19 disasters and other natural calamities. The committee directed the Planning Commission to complete the tasks as soon as possible. There should be no delay in the execution of the projects.