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The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor came into being in the year 2013. CPEC corridor map is an economic route stretching from western China through Pakistan from Karachi to Peshawar. The project tends to be a turning point for both the regions. The progress of CPEC claims a rapid economic growth, creation of special economic zones, infrastructure re development, expected to offer more than seven million job offers for the locals and similar benefits to Pakistan the along the way. It is a prompt turning point for cpec news Pakistan and its economy.

CPEC Completion Date

The completion of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is planned to be completed in three phases, however the progress of CPEC is going good by far and the first phase is seen to complete in 4 years. The country is now ready to get into phase 2 with a plan of 27 new projects in industrial expansion, agricultural boost up, trade promotions and expansion in the tourism.

Latest China Pakistan News

The latest China Pakistan news updates us about the 5th meeting held through a video call of the Joint Working Group (JWG) in Islamabad on Monday. The meeting was co-chaired by Special Initiatives Secretary Mr. Niaz Rana, Ministry of Planning, Development, & the Director of NDRC General Ying Xiong.

Gwadar CPEC Latest News

According to the updates by officials it is told that Mr. Ying Xiong the NDRC said that the development of Gwadar remains a priority hence the work on Gwadar shall proceed at its highest speed and the secretary of PD&SI assured that the constant support will be provided by the Chinese government for Gwadar’s quick development.

CPEC Progress

  • The progress of projects in Gwadar were thoroughly reviewed within the meeting and the element of satisfaction was expressed over the progress made in port development.
  • The Chinese side appreciated the operationalization support provided by the Pakistan cpec news for the port. Particularly it was stated that the enabling of Afghan transit trade through Gwadar expects to reduce the logistic cost greatly and facilitate the transshipment trade.
  • The chairman of China Overseas Ports Holding Company Limited (COPHCL) Mr. Zhang Baozhong elaborated the details of the Pakistan and China latest news on the project, he told about the renewed interest of investors in Gwadar port & the free zone area along with the additional benefits it can along.
  • All the Eastbay Expressway´s pending issues are successfully resolved and so the work can now get completed by the end of 2021. He explained that how this expressway will connect directly to the Gwadar port and facilitate businesses climate.
  • M-8 Motorway & the new Gwadar International Airport (NGIA) were discussed with the plan of smooth connection of Gwadar with the rest of the country and beyond. However the progress on the work is seen going fine by far.
  • The Projects under the social sector like Vocational & Technical Institute in Gwadar and Pak-China Friendship Hospital were also a part of discussion during the meeting and a lot of appreciation was shown for the Pak-China Faqeer Colony School, Fraternity Emergency Care Centre of the Red Crescent Society of China and other initiatives under the corporate social responsibility.
  • For the development of Gwadar as a smart port city the decision is taken to take necessary measures to complete the project on time, keeping in consideration the importance of clean water supply. It was recommended in the meeting to divide the work into two phases for better implementation of the project.
  • The dredging of berthing areas is important for large vessels to access the Gwadar port which will improve the operationally of the port. For the construction of breakwater, timely completion of the project was stressed as a crucial intervention required for the fishermen community in Gwadar.
  • The energy project was explained to be aiming at energizing industries in Gwadar and improving the economic and social well-being of the local community.

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The Chinese side have by far appreciated the work progress happening at Gwadar. However the areas that lack behind completion were made a prominent part of the discussion so the hurdles can be removed as soon as possible and the work can be resumed. The overall discussion proved  to be successful and productive in general for cpec news Pakistan.