Balochistan Government Gave Approval To Division And Two New Districts

Balochistan has become the centre of attention now a day. Meanwhile, the Balochistan Government approved two new districts in the division. The government also gave approval to the creation of a new division. This decision will help the residents of the division and districts to have extra facilities and the funds from the government as they were getting it jointly.

After agreement by the provincial government, the board of revenue issued a notification in which it divided the Zhob division into Loralai and Zhob divisions. Loralai, Musakhail, and Duki districts will be part of the Loralai division, while Zhob, Qila Saifullah, and Sherani districts would be part of the Zhob division. The district of Qila Abdullah has to have further two new districts. Chaman city and tehsil Saddar Chaman will be part of the new Chaman district, while Qila Abdullah, Gulistan, and Dobandi tehsils would be part of the Qila Abdullah district.

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