9 Reasons to invest in park view city 

9 Reasons to invest in park view city 

Reasons to invest in park view city

Park View City is an admirable real estate project initiated by the Vision Group and monitored by Mr. Aleem Khan himself. The project is approved by the legal authorities and this makes it a good decision to invest in the Park View City, moreover the prime location of Park View City is no less to attract investors. Park View City offers both, Commercial block and the Residential block, for the purpose to attract the investors as well the residents to live and experience a luxurious lifestyle.

It is located in the capital City of Pakistan and has a lot of needed amenities available around hence it is a prime spot to make investment. The investment at any real estate project in Islamabad is highly recommended in these days however the Park View City assures a good returns in means of profit and following are the major reasons that may intrigue you into buying a property at the Park View City:

Prime Location of the Park View City

Whenever the investors decide to make an investment, the core decision depends on the location of the property because a lot of benefits come along with it being a prime spot. However, the location of the Park View City is convenient enough to become the major reason why you should make at this project.

Park view city is at prime location,  park view city location Iv zone is extremely beautiful at the hilly area that gives a breath taking view of the Margalla Hills. Along with the scenic beauty the society is situated near to the Malot road next to the Islamabad´s famous, Kurri road. The Park View City can be reached within 20 minutes of drive from the Blue Area Islamabad.

Trustworthy Developers

One of the reasons to invest in park view city and most important thing to see while making an investment in Pakistan is to make sure that the investors that are involved in the development and ownership of the project are trustworthy enough. The reason is that the property dealings are done on a huge amount and a major risk is involved if the owners does not have a trustable past record.

The Park View City has a major benefit of having the trustable owners and developers with a good record of history in property dealings, Mr. Aleem khan (a member of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf), has monitored the project´s development. The company called Vision Group has several real estate projects all over Pakistan and they have also turned out to be successful, hence Park View guarantees the same level of trustworthy dealings.

Affordable Plots/Prices of Park view city

The investor have to be sure about the returns but in the first place it is also very important to see if the property is affordable enough to be bought without taking the loan from anyone. Park View City makes this easier as the payment plan is kept convenient along with the prices being extremely low and affordable.

One of the reasons to invest in park view city is that the plot´s prices range between 4.5 Million and & 6 Million along with a strategic benefit of 1.5 Million on the purchase in the Overseas block. The overall plots are affordable but prominently the Overseas Block have an amazing price range.

NOC and Land Approval of Park view city

There is no point in making investment when the project is illegal because this will prevent the returns and in fact put the investor in trouble. Hence one major concern of all investors is to make sure that the property they are investing in is legal.

One of the reasons to invest in park view city is it’s legally approved by the Capital Development Authority and have received a No Objection Certificate, which is a mandate for any housing project in Islamabad or else the project becomes illegal and brings trouble to the investors as well as the owners.

Security and Maintenance of Parkview city

The additional benefit for any project is it being the separate gated community. The investors may know that this ads security and it is beneficial in many ways, specially in Pakistan. The Park View City is a completely separate gated community that has a 24/7 CCTV coverage to make the area even more safe.

Easy payment Plans

The basic concern of every investor is the payment plan, which if made convenient can be very beneficial. As most of us cannot pay a huge amount all at once, the Park View City has helped the investors by introducing a 3 Year payment plan so that the investors may pay on their easiest convenience.

Along with this the booking rates are extremely low. The Overseas Block prominently has the most reasonable prices in the whole society.

Parks and other amenities

The additional benefits are a plus point that intrigues any investor to invest in property. The Park View City has an eco-friendly environment because of the beautiful parks and recreational areas within the society that adds freshness in the air and a beautiful lush green view. These parks can be an evening spot for families to spend good time, also the free internet is provided at several spots.

Basic areas and design

One of the reasons to invest in park view city is that the designers have planned the society in such a way that basic requirements are kept in consideration, it is made sure that places like mosques, schools, hospitals and malls are provided within and around the project. These places are slightly important for people who intends to spend any time in the area, so they do not have to go long ways finding such amenities.

Park View City Overseas Block is rated as the best Investment

There are recently many astonishing real estate projects developing in Islamabad. However, the Park View City is extremely amazing, also its overseas block is rated to be the best investment project recently. All the investors who have not yet made the decision of where to invest, are highly recommend in the Overseas Block of the Park View City due to its endless benefits and great discount offers.

The overseas block of the Park View City is designed with a modern infrastructure and endless facilities to make sure that any residents get to experience the same level of comfort that they can possible feel abroad.

And one reason is Park view city environmental initiatives .

Best Place to buy Real Estate

Best Place to buy Real Estate

Best Place to buy Real Estate

Why to make Real Estate investment in Islamabad? Well! by far the City is highly recommended to all the investors, reason being:

  • Islamabad is the most beautiful City of Pakistan.
  • Islamabad is world´s 3rd most beautiful capital City of the world.
  • Islamabad has all the real estate projects that assures the good returns on property.
  • Islamabad Motor way City has endless facilities within as well around.
  • Islamabad has the beautiful weather all year long.
  • The Air and water of Islamabad is eco-friendly.
  • Islamabad is a less polluted City.

Islamabad is rapidly emerging as the most profitable real estate spot, because it has real estate projects recently developing with modern infrastructures and there is a lot more to the list such as the projects are mostly a Gated and secure communities, has Provision of basic facility, promotes Urban Lifestyle along with the modern life-style, has a clean and an extreme pure environment, has social Interdependence, has life time opportunities, has low and affordable investment a long with the easy payment plans.

Best places to invest in real estate 2021


In case you are willing to make an investment in Islamabad in 2021 for living or getting returns, one highly recommended project is Park View City because it is one of all the successful projects to invest in the best City of Pakistan, Islamabad.

Park View City is a Best Place to buy Real Estate project in Islamabad by a recent and yet successful real estate company called as the Vision Group, owned by Mr. Aleem Khan. Park View City is a CDA approved housing project located at a prime spot in the hilly area of IV zone Islamabad. The society has a beautiful view and it is very peaceful as it is made on the height of hills. By far the Park View City is highly demanded by the investors because it has a lot of facilities such as it is CDA approved, has been made in between a Botanical Garden, has underground water supply assuring cleanliness, has underground electric supply for the cause of making it available 24/7, has the basic necessities with in range like grocery stores, hospitals, mosque and schools. The Park View City is a gated community and has CCTV coverage for extra security, besides all of these intriguing factors the community has a modern infrastructure with clubs, zoo, community centers and similar facilities nearby. The society offers both the Commercial block as well as the Residential block, that are divided into the names of alphabetical order so it is easier to understand the master plan. The Park has an easy payment plan in installments for the buyer´s convenience.


Islamabad Model Town a Best Place to buy Real Estate in 2021 project owned by the real estate company called Model Project (Private) Limited. The work is done under the supervision of Mr. Naveed Imad and Malik Tahir. The Islamabad Model Town is a recommended project for the investment purpose because it has a beautiful infrastructure, so many facilities, prime location and what not. The project is located at the Malot road Islamabad and is a gated community with security guaranteed. The society has a variety of offering in the Residential block as well as in the commercial blocks, with amazing prices that too on an easy installment plan. The Islamabad Model Town has all the facilities nearby, and there is no reason why you should not invest in this project.


Capital Smart City is also one of the astonishing and Best Place to buy Real Estate projects in Islamabad that is also recommended to the investors. The Capital Smart City is ranked as the smartest project by far, also it is situated at a prime location making it even more attractive. The society is planned with the resource utilization making it eco-friendly and offers a sustainable and a modern lifestyle. The Capital Smart City has beautiful view all over and has a serene within. The work at the Capital Smart City is done under the supervision of an expert from Singapore, Surbana Jurong. The society has wide roads, near by Islamabad international Airport, has all the necessary amenities available at a nearby spot, the society has grocery store, hospital, mosque and such facilities within range. The Capital Smart City offers both the Residential blocks along with the Commercial blocks in different variety of sizes. The prices are extremely reasonable and the payment plan is kept convenient for the cause of buyer´s ease, also the good profitable returns are guaranteed to the investors.


In Islamabad the best of the investment projects or Best Place to buy Real Estate in these days is the Bahria Town Islamabad, the projects is particularly on hype because of its modern infrastructure and prime spot. Bahria Town Islamabad is the best of all Bahria Town Projects of Pakistan, because it is in the Capital City of the Country. Bahria Town Islamabad does not require any further introduction as it is regarded as among the known projects, developed by the giant real estate companies in Pakistan. The Bahria Town Islamabad is developed and owned by Malik Riaz. This housing project is considered to be the changing landmark of the country. The Bahria Town Islamabad has houses in very reasonable rates and provides the luxurious lifestyle with endless facilities within. The amenities and facilities at Bahria town Islamabad includes commercial Area and Shopping malls, green belts and wide roads. Mini Golf club, maintenance facilities, the community is gated and secure, has educational institutes and standard hospitals, 24/7 hours constant supply of electricity and water.


Not to forget the Blue World City, the huge real estate project in Islamabad that is prominently recommended to all the investors and a Best Place to buy Real Estate in 2021. The Blue world city has a variety of offerings such as the residential plots, Awami residential blocks, overseas blocks, General block and the Commercial plots. The Blue world City is the project of the Blue Group of Companies and the work of development is monitored by Mr. Saad Nazir. The location of the Blue World City is extremely a prime spot, known as the Chakri road and it is surrounded by some more beautiful real estate projects. The infrastructure of the Blue world City is kept modern along with endless facilities within and around the society, such as the owners are trustworthy, payment plan is easy, the delivery and ownership is handed over easily and quickly, has a tranquil environment, good profitable returns are guaranteed, prices are reasonable, basic amenities are made available, the electric and water supply is constant. Hence it is recommended to invest in the Blue World City for either living or investing for the returns.


The Eighteen Housing Society Islamabad is yet another admirable real estate project in the most beautiful City of Pakistan, Islamabad. Eighteen Housing Society Islamabad is Best Place to buy Real Estate a project in partnership by the Ora Developers, Saif Group, and Kohistan builders and developers which guarantees the safe transfer of ownership because these are all the trustworthy developers. The location the Eighteen Housing Society is also very prime, at the Kashmir highway and tends to offer all the facilities nearby within the range. The society has blend of offerings as seen in its master plan. The facilities are endless and one big reason why it is recommended to the investors, as seen the society has a 5-star hotel existing within its boundaries, has an 18 hole golf course, basic facilities like a grocery store, school, mosque, hospitals and even the airport very near, the international standard shopping with most of the international brands is within, the roads are extra wide also eliminating the chances of the traffic jams, the environment is beautiful along with the fresh air to breath, the society is a gated community and there is much more to  mention that will intrigue the investors in every way. Most prominently the prices and payment plan is so good that no investor can resist buying a property at the Eighteen Housing Society.


Last but not the least the Downtown Residencia is also highly recommended real estate project to the investors, that is located in Islamabad. The Down Town Residencia a Best Place to buy Real Estate is located near Gulberg, at the main Islamabad Expressway making it a beautiful and a convenient location. The developers are well known and experienced, hence this project is made with a well planned design and a luxurious lifestyle. The work of development at the Down Town residencia is almost near completion however the bookings are done that too n an extremely low rates. The area covered to make the down town residencia is very wide and spacious, also the spot is particularly surrounded by some amazing real estate projects of Islamabad. There is a wide range of offerings at the downtown residencia, offered on low rates over sales being offered recently. The endless facilities like the lush greenery, security, boundary walls, parks, play areas, jogging tracks, fitness venters, schools, mosques, hospitals, constant energy supplies and many more makes it a most demanded project for the investors. Hence keeping in view these magnetisms and more, it can be straight said that Downtown Residencia is doubtlessly a fine-looking and a perfect package for both residents and the investors as well for people either already living in the Capital City or planning to move in Islamabad. A Best Place to buy Real Estate in 2021.

There are several more Best Commercial Investments in Islamabad that are suggested to the investors, however those that are mentioned above are highly recommended. In general, Islamabad is the best place to make investment in Pakistan and it is also very good place to reside.


Best Commercial Investments in Islamabad

Best Commercial Investments in Islamabad

Best Commercial Investments in Islamabad

Islamabad is rated to be the world´s 3rd most beautiful Capital City, hence making itself one of the most beautiful spot of Pakistan.  None the less, Islamabad is known for high standards of living and well-established infrastructure. The City offers elite class facilities, mostly because the area is surrounded by the armed forces and their families. Not to forget the natural beauty, extreme serenity, strict legal regulations and safety in the City makes it even more popular. At the most recent era, in whole Pakistan the Capital City is the Best Commercial Investments. The residents all over are intrigued to make the investments in the most well-planned real estate projects at Islamabad, either for their own living or for expected future returns. As a result of such demands the real estate industry have been highly encouraged to work and lot of housing projects have been designed and put under development in latest years.

To mention a Best Commercial Investments in Islamabad that claims to cater the needs of all high-end buyers are in fact backed up by the laws of the real estates. For the means to have a better standard and to serve the cause, some projects are mentioned below. These amazing projects have enhanced the overall attractions of the City. From the infrastructure planned to the area consumed, everything has been managed by the experts, making sure that least or no flaw is left and all the convenience to its maximum is offered to the buyers. To name a few on hype are

Best Investment in Islamabad 2021

  • Mall of Islamabad F-11, Axis Mall
  • The Sixth Boulevard
  • Gulberg Arena
  • Gulberg Heights
  • Elysium Mall
  • Majestic Mall
  • D Mall
  • Twin Towers
  • River Hills
  • Mall of Arabia
  • Gulberg Emporium
  • Park One
  • Royal crown
  • Mall of Arabia
  • Elysium Mall is the list of some recently launched projects in Islamabad.

Several of these amazing commercial projects in smart city are elaborated below:

Majestic Mall

Majestic Mall is an astonishing commercial project in Islamabad 2021,located in B-17 MPCHS. By far, this is termed to be the best commercial investment at Islamabad. The Majestic Mall features big halls and big sized shops. The architecture is designed very aesthetically because this building offers only commercial units, hence the focus has been kept on its design only. This mall is designed with the earthquake resilient surface which is a huge attraction. The booking rate initiates from only a 15% of the down payment.

Royal Crown

Royal Crown is an extremely embellishing jewel in crown of the famous Gulberg Greens. This project has a blend of corporate offices, commercial shops and residential units, offer as demanded by the customers. Royal crown is particularly located in the area that is least populated and yet provides a high potential for business to set up. Royal Crown is planned, designed and developed by ORBIS also called as the Overseas Royal Business Solutions. The location of this wonderful project is at a very prime spot connects to the Rawalpindi via Islamabad Express Highway, exactly at Block-C of the Business Square. The booking costs of the Royal Crown initiates from as low as 10% down payment while remaining payment can be done on an easy installment plan.

Gulberg Emporium Mall & Residency

Gulberg Emporium Mall and Residency is a project in Islamabad by project of Al-Ghani Group and it is situated at a prime spot in the City with several posh societies in the near-by. As the name of the Mall says, it is the commercial building that has apartment as well for living. This Mall is highly recommended to make the investments best property investment in Islamabad 2021,The Booking rate of Gulberg Emporium resumes at 20% of the overall meanwhile the rest of the payment is done on installments plan of 33 months.

The Sixth Boulevard

The sixth Boulevard is a blend of luxury apartments & last 3 floors for the cause of shopping mall and certain recreational activities. The mall aims to cater the recent demands and needs of everyone in the era. The Sixth Boulevard is situated at a prime location in Islamabad Bahria Town in Phase 8. The location of this mall faces the direction of the statue of liberty and also the Dominion Mall is only at 2 minutes distance away from this mall, making it even more prime. This mall in its commercial space, offers products of several categories of around 170 and even more brands global as well as the domestic brands. The booking of the commercial offering starts from as low as 5% while the remaining payment can feasibly be done on a plan of 16 installments.

Elysium Mall

Elysium Mall, a project developed by Oasis Developers is also an amazing project in Islamabad has both commercial and the residential units. Elysium Mall presents apartment with lavish living along with commercial units as high architectural design, and gives the beautiful view of the Margalla Hills. This project is located at the main business hub of the city called Blue Area. The Elysium Mall has an amazing food court, international brands shops and much more to entertain along with the vast vehicle parking space. The shops at the Elysium Mall can be booked at a very reasonable price of 25 percent of the down payment with the rest of the payment on installment.

D Mall

D Mall also called as the Defense Mall is another amazing commercial venture in Islamabad. This project has got an elegant structure. This commercial project is a project by renowned Al-Ghurair Giga. D mall is known for having thousands of global as well as the domestic brands. In general, the mall´s location is prime and it is situated at the heart of GT Road, precisely in DHA Phase-2, located adjacent to the Giga Mall. In the D mall, first six floors are reserved entirely for the commercial purposes. This mall features all the local as well the international brands as spacious retail shops. Moreover, the facilities like known cafes, play Area for children and several other entertainment areas are also present.

River Hills

River Hills is one more commercial project that offers a commercial area along with the residential apartment for those who desire a Best Commercial Investments in Islamabad. The project is presented by the Bahria Town, after its huge success of River Hills Tower-1. The project tends to offer the facilities and the architectural design, keeping in inspiration the state of the art. River Hills have claimed to offer all the amenities required by the inhabitants, in the in-house commercial complex. The River Hills is located in phase-7 of the Bahria Town, on Bahria Expressway. The Booking prices of the River hills begins from just the 6 percent of the total cost, however the other amount can be paid in the easy 12 installments.

Park One

Park One has been designed in inspiration of Paladin-style edifice, Park One. It features  3 floors our of 21 in all for the commercial use, the total of  210 commercial units with updated services and facilities are offered within. The location is prime, it is situated on the 10th Avenue right alongside the F-10 (Commercial block) is a Best Commercial Investments in Islamabad. The area precisely faces the beautiful and famous Fatima Jinnah Park in the city, Islamabad. The Park One is a classy project that offers the Residential Units along with the Commercial floors. Park One is present in the lush green area of Islamabad and aspires to become an iconic infrastructure in the country. The project is developed and owned by the known name, APCO Group.


Montviro is a Shopping Mall arena is on riverside, currently under development a best investment in Islamabad 2021. The design has been inspired from the western-styled infrastructures. Montviro is designed and developed by the Irtifa Group of companies a Best Commercial Investments in Islamabad. This project provides the scenic beauty of Murree, located on the riverside, hence it is expected to become the next tourist spot. The infrastructure features hotel, theme parks, retail shops, hotel, apartment and a lot more. The developers have announced the presence of the well-known national & international places Sheraton, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Bahria Golf City, within the Montviro. This mall offers a posh gold market along with the facilities and recreational activities like a food court and brands of both the domestic & international market.

Gulberg Heights

One of the extremely grand commercial projects at Islamabad is the Gulberg Heights, initiated by Al-Ghani Group is a Best Commercial Investments in Islamabad. This particular project is the symbol of elegance and beauty at the same time. Gulberg Heights is situated on the main Gulberg Expressway at Gulberg Greens. The booking of the Gulberg Arena starts from 20% of the overall, and the rest of the payments have been kept on an easy payment plan.

The Shopping Mall

The shopping mall also sometimes called as TSM is an upcoming commercial project in the city, Islamabad and Best Commercial Investments in Islamabad. The TSM is a project developed in partnership by S.A Properties and A.K Properties. The Shopping Mall will feature showrooms of international brands, the outlets and trademarks as well. TSM has been designed to provide maximum convenience as the escalators, Capsule lifts and air conditioning infrastructure makes it. The Shopping Mall is already un development of a rapid pace and is claimed to be completed soon. The Booking rate of The Shopping Mall is around the 5% of the down payment, however the rest of the amount is kept to be paid on an easy installment plan.

Mall of Arabia

The Mall of Arabia a project owned by the Imarat Group of Companies, and it aims at bringing the Arab Legacy in the country. The infrastructure has been designed in inspiration of the Arabic culture. This project of shopping mall at Islamabad is located at the main entrance of the Jinnah Gardens. The master plan is of the -mal with 8 floors, over an area of 15 Kanal width. The Mall of Arabia will have shops of known international brands along with facilities like children´s play area, gymnasium, food court having international cuisines, and much more.

Gulberg Arena

Gulberg Arena offers the commercial units along with the residential units, as desired by the buyers. This well-developed project is developed in partnership of Kingman, Linkers International, Gemini Developers and Al Ghani Group. The project is located at the main Gulberg Expressway in Block A of Gulberg Greens at main Gulberg Expressway in Block A of Gulberg Greens. The modern infrastructure plan of the Gulberg Arena have created a hype of demand in investors. Gulberg Arena has a design of 5 floors. The booking costs starts from as low as 20% and the rest amount is payable in 12 Quarterly installments.

Axis Mall

Axis Mall is another wonderful project in Islamabad, developed by V-One Associates, and it offers both the residential and the commercial units. The location of the Axis Mall is situated at the Faisal Town F-18. The area is accessible via Kashmir highway, and very near to the Islamabad international Airport. The Axis Mall a Islamabad assures the high rate of returns and claims to be the hub for economic activities.


Model town Islamabad location

Model town Islamabad location

Islamabad Model Town

In recent decades, humans have started to live in luxurious places to lead a comfortable life. In this age of globalization, humans prefer to live in ease. They have moved from simple life to a luxurious yet more pleasant. Due to such preference, urban cities have been started to build which attracted most of the population. The infrastructure has played a vital role in attracting people towards urban living. Various foundations of the urban cities are inspired by international living.

Model town Islamabad location  in the northwest of the country on Potohar plateau filled with lush green belts beautifying the locality. The city is surrounded by Margalla Hills which is an eye catching sight for the public. This area has significance in history for being the crossroads of Rawalpindi and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. The city was built in 1960 in order to replace Karachi as a capital city. As Islamabad is near to Rawalpindi, they are considered as twin cities. As capital’s North is loaded with Margalla Hills, hot summers, monsoon rains and cold winters along with snowfall on hills summarizes the climate of the region. The climate is healthy and pollution free with abundant water resources; this is a city that is carefully planned with wide roads and avenues including sky high malls and buildings. It includes a variety of towns and projects which allure not only the local citizens but also the international inhabitants because it is a home for many people from across Pakistan. Islamabad is a hub of corporate offices and industrial work which results in high rates of real estate. Therefore, more investment plans are fabricated in this very land. More and more of the urban cities are being built in different parts of the capital city.

Model town Islamabad location

The populations of urban center are becoming status aware preferring excellence, luxury and safety. In order to cater such aspirations of the public, Islamabad Model Town is an upcoming residential project presenting the modern 21st century unique concept of community living. Model town Islamabad location lies on the middle of twin-city having two Mega projects in its environs Bahria Enclave and Parkview City. It is a housing society plan that provides high standard of living for its residence. It includes modern infrastructure and sustainable living creating the ultimate life style. It is a gated community which is private and secure for the residents. It is a complete hallmark to lead a comfortable life.

Islamabad Model Town location Map

IMT Developers

It is a development venture of Model Project Pvt. Ltd. This firm has developed several projects in Multan. It is a firm of Malik Tahir and Naveed Imad. Ejaz & Co. is the main firm named as developer. This organization is also actively involved in development of Park View Cities. The authorized dealers include Rotass Associates, Ariyana International, Arabesque and Al Noor Marketing. This project has attracted numerous investors because of its locality and affordability. Islamabad Model Town will become one of the top housing projects in Islamabad with gigantic value of real estate. The society is offering cost effective and cost efficient payment plans for all sorts of income groups to invest easily.

IMT Facilities

The society includes parks to use for entertaining purpose, schools, hospital, community clubs, cinemas, gyms, commercial area, mosques, graveyard and water purification plant lying inside the nearness. It also offers security systems that are installed in shape of CCTVs and men that are hired for keeping intact the safety of its residents. Containing wider and beautifully designed roads; IMT inspires public with its elegant architecture for 5 Marla and 10 Marla bungalows; additionally offering apartments for the community. As this project has well-designed buildings and architecture; it does not compromises on the foliage of the site.

Islamabad Model Town CDA Status

Capital Development Authority is an organization that approves the development projects. Islamabad Model Town CDA status as per the developers, it will be issued shortly. They have reported that NOC has been issued for 600 Kanals land.

IMT Master Plan

The master plan for the development of the society comprised of land of 2000 Kanal. At start, it is offering limited number of units i,e, 900 plots. It offers residential plots in two categories; 5 Marla and 10 Marla. Likewise, commercial plots are available in the same two categories of 8 Marla and 10 Marla. It has experienced fastest pace of developmental work. The main boulevard has been constructed in shortest span of 30 days. Now the developers has made a decision of working on the main entrance of the project. A few houses has been built, related roads and infrastructure is very close to completion. Grand mosque is in queue as the next construction target and developers intend to build up the front plots in priority.

Model Town Humak

Model Town Humak is another name of the Union Council governing this town started in 1984. It is a suburb town in Islamabad located in the Capital Territory on Kahuta Road, Model Town Humak is spotted on Humak village land near the Swaan River nearby Naizian Model Town and Kotha Kalan. The Model Town Humak is divided into 3 different sectors, these are, Humak Gharbi (Western Humak), Humak Sharqi (Eastern Humak) and the Humak Zimni (Humak extension). Humak Zimni is particularly prominent because of the large graveyard it has within and the “Children Welfare School” which is a government school that educates and trains the young children up to age seven

Downtown Residencia Islamabad    

Downtown Residencia Islamabad   

Downtown Residencia Islamabad 

Downtown Residencia is an admirable project located in the beautiful Capital City of Pakistan. It is a beautiful housing society designed to be a modern locality with modern developments and state of the art infrastructure with the aim of making the residents live a convenient and comfortable lifestyle. However recently the Downtown Residencia is under construction yet it tends to be an amazing opportunity for the investors. This housing society has been designed by a well experienced developers and it is known to be the well-planned real estate project. The amazing update is that, most of these properties in Downtown Residencia Islamabad are available on sale along with the convenient payment plans.

Downtown Location

Downtown Residencia is a new upcoming project in Islamabad started on 16-11-2019, and located near Gulberg Islamabad, on main Islamabad Expressway and adjacent to River Garden. The area is surrounded by many more amazing projects and hence it is overall a prime location. Besides the location being ideal, the society has both the commercial and residential blocks along with top-notch facilities available in and around the property.

 Downtown Property Offering

The residential plots and the commercial blocks are both offered by the Downtown Residencia housing society along with readymade houses as well in option. The residential plots available are categorized further as (139 sq. yards, 200 sq. yards, 272 sq. yards, 500 sq. yards) and the commercial plots available are categorized as 2 different sizes (100 sq. yards and 200 sq. yards). Along with this there is an additional option to buy and move directly to the readymade houses within Downtown Residencia, that too on very affordable prices.

Downtown Residencia Plots & Payment Plan

The blocks in the downtown residencia is recently available on sale recently along with the easy installment payment plan.

On sale Residential Plot (5 Marla) on monthly/Quarterly installment of as low as 45 Lakh. Down Payment: 1,142,000. Located adjacent To Jinnah Garden And Naval Anchorage. The major attractions on the site includes: 24/7 Security, Prime location Just 15 Mins Drive From Zero Point, Cycling Track, Intelligent Transport System, well maintained and efficient Electric Supply System, amazing opportunity to live yourself and also to invest.

However For booking and further details on sales, prices and current payment plan, you can contact the contact Sigma Properties Consultants at the earliest.

Facilities At Downtown Residencia

Downtown Residencia is as amating itself as many other surrounding successful projects around it. The downtown Residencia offers many of the modern facilities and features. Some of these are explained below:

  • The society is a gated community and has a boundary wall making it a separate secure entity.
  • The society is made sure to be secure enough specially in the current times when it is supposed to be the top most concern and for the same reason the 24 CCTV Camera coverage and extra security is pledged.
  • The society is designed by well experienced designers keeping in consideration the well-Planned Residential along with Separate Commercial plots in 2 different sizes.
  • State of the Art Mosque for the cause of respecting religion and to provide the easy access.
  • There are play areas designed specifically targeting kids so that they can have a healthy and fresh evenings withing the society.
  • Beautiful Parks add up additional beauty to the area within with lush greenery and freshness in addition.
  • Standard Educational Institutes and the Well-Equipped Hospital will be in reach of the residents for the cause of facilities.
  • Basic things like Landline and TV Cable availability is made sure to be there.
  • Stand-by Generators and solar energy is designed so the electric supply can be provided without breakage or interruption.
  • Attractive Theme Park, Community Hall and Jogging tracks and Gymnasium for anyone who wants to avail is available at its most convenience.
  • All the Basic Utilities like Electricity, Gas and Water is made available along with cleanliness and no interruptions claimed.

Hence keeping is view these attractions and more, it can be clearly said that Downtown Residencia Islamabad is doubtlessly a beautiful and a perfect package for both residents and the investors as well for people either already living in the Capital City or planning to move in Islamabad.