Lifestyle Residency Islamabad 

Lifestyle Residency Islamabad 

Lifestyle Residency Islamabad 

Living in the Federal Capital has its benefits, and that is where the Federal Government Employee Housing Authority (FGEHA) and the EHFPRO present the Lifestyle Residency Islamabad. It will broaden the definition of luxury living with a delightful environment and world-class amenities.

Owners and Developers 

The FGEHA and EHFPRO have collaborated on the Lifestyle Residency initiative. These companies have contributed significantly to the real estate sector of Pakistan. Their main objective is to provide luxury accommodation to the citizens and government employees. There could have been no better collaboration but that of FGEHA and EHPRO for the Lifestyle Residency Islamabad.

Federal Government Employee Housing Authority (FGEHA) 

FGEHF was founded in March 1990 and established under the Companies Ordinance of 1984 as a company limited by guarantee. It is responsible for establishing self-financed housing schemes for Federal Government employees and other specified groups. Since its inception, it has provided almost 22,622 residential units in houses/apartments and plots.


EHFPRO is a private limited company, a formidable initiative of committed experts inspired with the zeal necessary to complete the project on time. It is registered with the SECP under the Companies Ordinance of 1984. It is a dynamic Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) founded by M/s Progressive Motels & Resorts and the Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation (FGEHF).

NOC and Approval

Because Lifestyle Residency is a government-owned company, the legitimacy of the high-rise apartments is unquestionable. The apartments shall be completed and assigned to the owners soon.

Master Plan 

A highly qualified team of engineers have created and conceived the Lifestyle Residency’s master plan. The master plan’s sole objective was to offer Federal employees and the general public a luxury and inexpensive housing system.

Lifestyle Residency Location

The Lifestyle Residency is located near the Srinagar highway in Islamabad, at G-13/1 and G-13/4. It is conveniently located near all of the Twin Cities’ major attractions.

It’s about 13 kilometers from the New Islamabad International Airport.

The location of the luxurious apartments is suitable for residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The map below shows the exact location:

Life Style Residency Islamabad Location Map

Landmarks in the Area 

Some of the nearest landmark areas with easy access to the project are as follows:

  • New Islamabad International Airport
  • International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI)
  • Daewoo Bus Terminal
  • Golra Road
  • Dhok Abdullah
  • Sector G-12
  • Sector H-13
  • Tarnol
  • Rawalpindi
  • NUST Gate #4 in Sector H-12
  • Golra Railway Station
  • Centaurus Mall

Access Points 

The following are some of the residential project’s conveniently accessible locations:

  • Srinagar Highway is 2 kilometers away
  • N-5 National Highway is 5 kilometers away
  • Daewoo Bus Terminal Rawalpindi is a 12-minute drive away.
  • NUST Gate #4 is a 13-minute drive away.
  • International Islamic University Islamabad is 16 minutes away by car
  • Centaurus Mall is a 21-minute drive away.
  • PIMS Hospital is 22 minutes away by car.
  • Golra Road is a 3 minutes’ drive away.
  • New Islamabad International Airport is a 25-minute drive away
  • Islamabad Toll Plaza M2 is 28 minutes away


Lifestyle Residency Apartments

The developers of this prestigious residential building offer five various unit types to invest in or dwell. The measurement of “square feet” has been used to design and create each variety (sq. ft.). The residential project is a 14-story structure. The following are the five categories:

  • Apartment Type A
  • Apartment Type B
  • Apartment Type C
  • Apartment Type D
  • Apartment Type E

The following is the residential scheme’s layout plan, along with the number of apartments assigned to each category:

Life Style Residency Apartments payment plan

Quota-Wise Allocation of Apartments

Life Style Residency allocation of apartments

Floor Plans for Category A

The category A apartments are the largest in square footage, measuring 2050 square feet with three bedrooms and three bathrooms in the unit. The floor plan below can help you understand better:

Floor Plans for Category A in lifestyle residency

Floor Plans for Category B

The Category B apartments are significant in terms of square footage, measuring 1750 square feet with three bedrooms and three bathrooms in the unit. The floor plan is given below:

Floor Plans for Category B in lifestyle residency

Floor Plans for Category C

The Category C apartments are significant in terms of square footage, measuring 1350 square feet. The apartment consists of two bedrooms and also two baths. The floor plan is given below:

Floor Plans for Category C in lifestyle residency

Floor Plans for Category D

The Category D apartments are significant in terms of square footage, at 1150 square feet. The apartment consists of two bedrooms and also two baths. The floor plan is given below:

Floor Plans for D category A in lifestyle residency

Floor Plan for Category E

The Category E apartments are small in terms of square footage, at 950 square feet. The apartment will contain one bedroom and one bathroom. The floor plan is given below:

Floor Plans for Category E in lifestyle residency

Lifestyle Residency Payment Plan 

Lifestyle Residency’s developers are offering a payment plan depending on two outcomes. The first is if you work for the government, and the second is for the general public. As a result, the pricing for each of the payment options is different.

Lifestyle Residency Payment Plan 

The management of Lifestyle Residency Islamabad has devised payment arrangements that are both inexpensive and easy to manage. Federal government employees will pay PKR 100,000 as a membership fee, while the general public will pay PKR 200,000.

Lifestyle Residency Payment Plan 


The Lifestyle Residency offers all of the latest conveniences and amenities at a reasonable price. The amenities are included in each modern deluxe apartment complex that can be considered a comprehensive residential concept. The following are the amenities available under the Lifestyle Residency project:

Safe Community

When it comes to apartment living, a sense of security is essential. A gated neighborhood provides security. The residents are protected by a security system that includes properly installed CCTV cameras and other surveillance equipment that is operational 24/7.

Laundry Room

The housing project will also include multiple laundry rooms to make it easier for residents to do their laundry without leaving the premises. This laundry facility will be equipped with fully automated washing and drying machines.

Water Management

The apartment management has considered the occupants’ water requirements. Water reservoirs have been built for this purpose, storing a considerable volume of water for residents to utilize in their everyday activities. The housing project will also include filter plants in the residences to guarantee that occupants can access clean drinking water.

Availability of Parking

Residents will have access to a complete and secure parking space as part of the structure, ensuring that automobile parking is not an issue. Their automobiles will be parked in a secure location and close to their dwellings.

Community Center 

The lodging society shall lay the foundation of community centers for socially active residents. They will be able to go for new learning courses, receive diplomas at the end and participate in social events of their liking.

Fire Alarm System 

An advanced fire alarm system will be installed as part of the complex multi-building project. There will be a quick reaction team and staff to assist in any emergency along with this technology.

Salient Features 

The salient features of Lifestyle Residency are as follows,

  • Global prestige infrastructure development
  • Water Resources
  • Grand Mosque
  • Eco-friendly neighborhood
  • Commercial Zones
  • 24/7 Security Surveillance
  • Underground Utilities
  • System of sewage and garbage disposal
  • Intercoms
  • Children’s Playground
  • Barbecue Zone
  • Medical Clinic
  • Day-Care Facility
  • Community Gym
  • Community Centre
  • Community Garden
  • Broadband Internet Access
  • Community Swimming Pool

How to Book an Apartment in Lifestyle Residency Islamabad? 

To book your apartment, contact our consultants at Sigma Properties. You must follow the following guidelines,

  • Fill out your booking application form attentively.
  • Attach the CNIC Copies of the Applicant’s Pay Down Payment by Check or Pay Order in favor of “Lifestyle Residency,” but double-check the management procedure if there are any new modifications.
  • After the management approval, cash payments are also accepted.
  • Submit all required documents, make your payment, and receive your receipt.

Documents Required for Booking

  • 2 Copies of CNIC of Applicant
  • 2 Photos of Applicant
  • 2 Copies of CNIC of Nominee

Why Lifestyle Residency Islamabad?

The Lifestyle Residency Islamabad is a superb model of quality and excellence.

Business and Commercial Platform

The esteemed developers have considered all of the residents’ demands, including the economic and commercial ones. The apartments will serve as an all-in-one commercial space. Residents can meet all of their commercial needs from within the residences by using these areas. The development of the Lifestyle Residency Mall is underway. It will contain shopping and restaurants along with various brands.

Ecologically Friendly

The apartments will offer an environmentally friendly lifestyle with all of the modern-day conveniences. The proximity to nature will deliver a unique living experience like that provided by Park View City.

Reliable Developers 

The Lifestyle Residency is the vision of FGEHA and the EHFPRO. Both companies have been in existence for more than four decades and have worked in the real estate business to give maximum comfort and affordability. This project is going to be a dazzling beacon of their cooperation.

Backup Generators

The developers have ensured that the backup generators would be activated in a power outage, allowing the elevators and other electrical devices in the units to operate.

Quota Wise Allocation 

The lodging society has used the quota system to provide federal employees, widows, journalists, media workers, and disabled persons.

Pros and Cons


Easy Payment Plan

There is a simple payment plan for the booking of apartments. The project offers various floor plans for investment. The costs are reasonable and economical for the middle-class citizens of the country.

Gated Community 

The housing project is a gated neighborhood with a lovely entrance gate, similar to other gated lodging societies like Mumtaz City and Nova City Islamabad. When you and your family live in this residential building, the developers have made sure that you and your family feel comfortable and protected.

Prime Location 

The Lifestyle Residency apartments enjoy an advantageous location in the Federal Capital. The sector G13 has been rising steadily over the past few years. It is truly one of the most valued sectors in Islamabad.

Jamia Mosque 

The apartments will appeal to all of the inhabitants’ needs, including religious ones, as the developers are constructing a beautiful Jamia Mosque. This mosque will be a smart one, complete with ultra-modern technology and architecture.

Decent Housing for the Government Employees

In some occupations, a government employee’s remuneration may put them at a disadvantage financially. It may be tough to save money if you work in food preparation or janitorial services. These government professions may indicate that you lack the financial means to make a down payment on a home. Therefore, the Lifestyle Residency offers such government employees an accommodation at convenient instalment plans.


Perception of High Prices

Some of our clients have stated that the pricing of the apartments is too high for them. It is subjective, as there could not have been better amenities at the most convenient of prices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

What is Lifestyle Residency?

It is a high-end residential development in the heart of Islamabad’s G-13 Markaz.

Who are the developers?

FGEHA and EHFPRO are the developers of this prestigious housing project.

Where is it located?

It is ideally located in G13/1 and G13/4.

What are the apartment sizes available? 

The building has apartments in five different sizes. Each apartment has a different floor plan so that investors can choose one according to their needs and liking.

Does it have electricity and gas?

Yes, it does have the facilities for electricity and gas.

Is the housing scheme an approved one?

Yes, Lifestyle Residency is an approved housing scheme.

Is it an affordable housing project?

Yes, the Lifestyle Residency is among the most affordable housing projects.

What kind of investment returns does the housing project have?

An investment in this housing project shall help you acquire high returns.

Is Lifestyle Residency for government employees?

Yes, it is.

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme 

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme 

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

The Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme is the flagship initiative of the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf-led administration, which aims to provide housing for the homeless, boost economic activity in the country, and create work opportunities for the younger citizens.

An Overview of PTI’s Agenda

None of the previous governments of Pakistan addressed the housing problems. It was mentioned in political slogans and campaigns, but it never received serious consideration and efforts. As soon as PTI came into power, it rose to tackle the unsolved problems.

PTI recognizes that the most important fundamental right of the people, as stipulated in the constitution, is to live a decent life, which any individual cannot achieve without the state’s intervention.

Pakistan’s economic situation has been vulnerable for the past few years, with a significant international trade imbalance, an unsustainable internal-external debt burden, low agricultural productivity, lower export volume, and essentially no job possibilities in a country with the world’s second-largest youth population.

Two-thirds of the population lives in rural areas, mostly in mud-housing, while the remaining 40% resides in urban regions. In major metropolitan areas such as Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, and Faisalabad, many of the population live in slums, and other low-income individuals live in squalid housing. The urban housing shortfall in Pakistan is believed to be over 4 million, with a backlog of 7-8 million in rural areas.

PTI believes that the housing sector, which encompasses financing, construction, and related building material industries, is the only one that can address all of these concerns at once. PTI is confident that its housing strategy will alter the country’s economy and enhance the banking sector.

Currently, the country requires 10 lac housing units each year or 50 lac units in five years. As a result, PTI aims to build the necessary housing units in both urban and rural locations. It is the organization’s most valued aim.

Chairman of Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

The chairman of the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme is Mr. Zaigham Mahmoud Rizvi. Mr. Zaigham Mahmoud Rizvi has several master’s degrees. One is a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Oklahoma State University in the United States. Another is from Punjab University in Economics, and the third is from Engineering University in Lahore.

Mr. Rizvi is also a Nominee Director on the Boards of the Islamabad Stock Exchange, Karachi Stock Exchange, National Commodities Exchange of Pakistan, Meezan Bank Limited Pakistan, and Dubai Islamic Bank of Pakistan, as well as other financial and manufacturing companies.

Naya Pakistan Housing Authority (NPHA)

The government has established an authority known as the Naya Pakistan Housing Authority (NPHA). It will help the government move forward with its ambition to build 135,000 housing units around the country. The project will be inaugurated in Islamabad, where 25,000 houses will be made, and then in Baluchistan, where 110,000 residences will be built. A dedicated settlement for Gwadar fishers is also planned as part of the proposal.

Approval of CDA

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has legalized seven acres of land in Islamabad’s Mauve Area for this housing project. The board also approved the Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation (FGEHF) receiving 508 Kanal of land near Askari-VI for the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Islamabad.

Approval of LDA

According to reports in the leading newspapers, the Lahore Development Authority, or LDA, has approved 4,000 residential units under Phase 1 of the LDA City Naya Pakistan Apartments Project. The project will cost around PKR 10 billion.

The LDA has agreed to build 125 four-story residential complexes on 563 Kanal of land in Mouza Haloki over the next year. The project will have 32 residential units in each block. In addition, the project would include the construction of various mosques as part of the Prime Minister’s Naya Pakistan Housing Program.

The LDA authorities also resolved to build roads, walkways, sewerage systems, water supplies, water treatment plants, and other infrastructure on the 8,500 Kanal of land set aside to construct 35,000 units.

Location of Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

The Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme has been introduced in the Federal Capital; it is situated on the Japan Road, occupying the land of 2560 Kanal. It is also to be constructed in,

  • Punjab
  • Sindh
  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  • Swat
  • Sukkur
  • Baluchistan
  • Gilgit-Baltistan

Azad Kashmir

A Joint Venture

The Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation and the private sector will collaborate on the initiative. Under the Naya Pakistan Housing Project, the government shall build double-unit dwellings. As previously stated, the government would act as a facilitator for the venture, while private companies would construct the units.

A Chinese corporation has expressed interest in building two million residences as part of the initiative. The good news is that under the Naya Pakistan Housing Program, the government has made it necessary for Chinese and other multinational corporations to use exclusively locally produced raw materials. Furthermore, the government will permit no company to hire workers from other countries.

Types of Housing in Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

The developers will build houses in the Naya Pakistan Housing project in three categories. These are:

  • Labour class
  • Lower middle class
  • Middle class

These houses are obtainable on a 10% to 25% down payment to all the categories mentioned above.

Initial Phase Development

On March 18, 2021, Prime Minister Imran Khan unveiled the Naya Pakistan Housing Program (NPHP) first phase in Islamabad. Around 1500 brand-new apartments and houses for laborers were approved by the prime minister. According to reports, the initial phase of the Naya Pakistan Housing Project has begun, with the first phase containing approximately 6000 homes.

The revolutionary ceremony for the NPHP’s second phase will take place simultaneously with the inauguration ceremony for Phase-1. In the project’s first phase, 4000 apartments will be constructed. They will build around 35,000 units in total. A new balloting procedure for the labour class is being planned. Approximately 3,000 laborers and workers have successfully applied to be included in the upcoming ballot.

Development for the Cities in Punjab and Lahore

The Punjab government has agreed to launch this inexpensive housing project in Layyah, Quaidabad (Khushab), and Bhakkar. The process of receiving applications for the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme will begin shortly. The government officials gave this statement to the Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA).

The meeting also decided to make a final decision on the preferred Lahore sites. After viewing the proposed sites, the committee will present its report. The minister also ordered that a meeting of the PHATA governing body be held every 15 days to expedite the continuing work of the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. A design brief for the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Multan was also released.

Who can apply for Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme?

  • The housing project is here to facilitate the lower class of society. The eligibility criteria for application is,
  • All men and women in possession of a valid CNIC (including Non-Resident Pakistani).
  • One unit per household for first-time home buyers.
  • This policy only allows one person to receive a subsidized home loan once.
  • Applicants must have a minimum monthly income of PKR 25,000, and co-applicants must have a minimum monthly payment of PKR 20,000.
  • A minimum of three years of business proof is required for business individuals, and for SEPs (self-employed professionals), a minimum of two years of business proof is needed.
  • Naguib Sawiris, an Egyptian entrepreneur, has expressed interest in investing in the housing project’s 100,000 units.

Variants of the Product

  • Buyer of a House
  • Building a House
  • Purchase of a plot + construction

Eligible Age for Applicant and Co-Applicant

  • 60* Years for Salaried Individuals and
  • 65* Years for Self Employed Businessmen/Professionals
  • *at Maturity

Tax Exemption on Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

PM Imran Khan reported to have instructed the Federal Board of Revenue to exempt construction activities under the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme from sales tax and fixed taxes. Firdous Ashiq Awan, the Special Assistant to Imran Khan on Information, communicated the decision to the media on December 5.

The legislation, which is being considered in Punjab, KPK, and Baluchistan, aims to promote the country’s housing and building sector. PM Imran Khan also requested that provincial officials notify him of any idle public land to utilize for his low-cost housing initiative.

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Payment Plans

Banks shall offer home loan facilities with reasonable terms and circumstances that allow for payment to be made over up to 20 years. Renowned banks like Bank Al Habib Limited and Meezan Bank Limited offer loans for five years at the minimum and can go up to 20 years.

So, if you have applied for this economic housing project, be prepared to pay a 20% down payment as a part of the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, with the bank covering the remaining 80% through the home financing option.

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Rawalpindi Payment Plan

The payment plan for residential plots offered under the third phase of the NPHP in Rawalpindi has been issued by the Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA). These plots range in size from 3 to 5 Marla.

Unit Size 3 Marla 5 Marla
Processing Fee PKR 250 PKR 250
Token Money (Refundable) PKR 10,000 PKR 10,000
20% Down Payment PKR 67,200 PKR 112,000
36 Monthly Instalments PKR 7,467 PKR 12,445
Estimated Total Price PKR 336,000 PKR 560,000

Please note that the deadline for submitting NPHP application forms in Rawalpindi is December 12 December. The condition is available on the official PHATA website and submitted at any of the Bank of Punjab’s approved branches before the deadline. Furthermore, the predicted total price for these residential plots may vary. Additionally, it excludes Sui gas utility charges.

Online Registration for Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

Our clients inquire about the submission for the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. If you are an individual who cannot afford to buy a house in the current market, the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme is best for you.

Society requires the applicants to achieve specific income requirements for the entire household. Application form is available on the official site of the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA).

The applicants are bound to state their family’s total gross income per month if it is in the range mentioned below,

  • PKR 20,000 or less
  • Amounts ranging from PKR 20,001 to PKR 40,000
  • Rates ranging from PKR 40,001 to PKR 60,000
  • Sums ranging from PKR 60,001 to PKR 100,000
  • PKR 100,000 or more

Second Phase of Online Registration

On July 15 July 2019, the second phase of online registration for the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme began across Pakistan. It is open to deserving families for the next three months until October 15 October. The Gov later extended the deadline to November 15. Because of the program’s growing popularity, the deadline for registering for this low-cost housing scheme has been extended to the middle of December.

It is an ideal opportunity for those living in rented housing due to a lack of financial means. For booking and further details, visit the Sigma Properties office or consult with our experts online.

Government Subsidy

The government would be required to offer a subsidy under the pilot project, currently being run by the Town Planning Agency (PHATA) and Punjab Housing in six areas across Punjab.

Fixed-rate mortgages seem to be the only product that appears to be the most economical. Applicants will not have to be concerned about interest rates rising if it is fixed. However, we expect that most of the pilot residences would have monthly mortgage payments exceeding Rs20, 000, which is the upper limit of our highest instalment category. A government subsidy will fill this.

subsidy under naya Pakistan housing program

Unfortunately, a lot of guesswork is involved here. We will have to rely on estimates since we don’t know the actual distribution of houses to be built regarding size and housing price and how many allotters have chosen which monthly payments plan; we’ll have to work with averages.

According to our calculations, the government will have to pay Rs1.5 billion each year for the next 20 years, based on the average housing price and the average monthly instalment under the NPHP (PKR 15,000, assuming the PHATA builds 10,000 in the pilot project). Realistically speaking, when more houses are created each year, this subsidy balloons to a massive amount.

Annual Subsidy Required Under NPHP

Pitfalls for Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

  • All great endeavours need consistency along with hard work. We must take the potential pitfalls of the Naya Pakistan Housing scheme into account. They are,
  • The government will have to maintain some semblance of price consistency in building expenses for the program to succeed.
  • The program can only operate at the pricing set by the developer and paid for in convenient monthly payments by the beneficiaries, ensuring that the developer’s commercial viability is not jeopardized.
  • Inflationary pressures, especially in construction supplies, are, however, a key concern.
  • Inflation has a direct bearing on affordability, as the NPHP aims to alleviate the housing shortfall in the low-income sector and will eventually enhance supply where existing stocks are lacking—primarily for the country’s middle to low-income households.

Future of Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

In the immediate future, the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Phase 3 will be launched. After its effectuation, almost 60% of the housing problems in the country will be resolved. The industrial and employment sector will have a massive impact on the scheme’s success. When a more significant part of the nation is living in pure and proper abodes, the country shall prosper unlike ever before. Would the succeeding governments honor the commitments that this government may make under their budgets during its tenure? Only time will tell.


Homelessness is a huge issue that affects not only this region of the world but even developed countries. It is not the only problem in Pakistan, but it is the core problem, engulfing all of the rest within its realms. Imran Khan’s strategy to take on the shortage of homes will give wings to all the other sectors. It is similar to the methodology adopted by Finland, they provided inexpensive housing options to the lower class, and it was a huge success. Even if a person is battling drug and alcohol addiction, the country considers that having a home is a fundamental right of every citizen. As a result, once the homeless were given a place to reside, they did not see any reason to continue doing drugs.

Top City Islamabad

Top City Islamabad

Top City Islamabad

Top City Islamabad is the optimum paradigm of unmatched quality and excellence. It is an exceptional lodging society equipped with first-rate amenities. The project has seen steady growth since its inception in 2012. The project offers an innovative infrastructure that reflects a modern lifestyle for those who want to keep up with technology and live more efficiently.

Owners and Developers 

Top City is an innovative project by the Kunwar Moeez Khan Constructions (KMKC) with the CEO, Kunwar Moeez Khan. He has contributed to the real estate sector significantly over the past few years. Kunwar Moeez Khan is a genuine nationalist and a forward-thinking realtor who prioritizes improving the quality of life for the citizens. He is a visionary who has consistently recognized and valued his team’s commitment to achieving their goals.

Kunwar Moeez Khan Constructions (KMKC)

Kunwar Moeez Khan Constructions (KMKC) has a working stratagem based on incorporating best international practices throughout the design and construction process. By demonstrating professional abilities and honesty, the KMKC aspires to set a high standard in the construction industry. For the implementation of their artful planning, they have hired qualified engineers and talented architects. Apart from Top City Islamabad, Kunwar Moeez Khan Construction has also directed the development of KMK Towers, the success of which is a reflection of their top-notch expertise and reliable energy towards the real estate sector.

 Top City Islamabad Location

Top City Islamabad is promoted as an intelligent global city to complement its high-profile neighbouring housing society, Capital Smart City, Pakistan’s first smart city. The housing project is located on the Srinagar Highway, previously known as Kashmir Highway, near the New Islamabad International Airport.

  • It is located on the Srinagar Highway’s southern side.
  • It is at the junction of the M-1 and M-2 motorways
  • It is 3 kilometres away from the New Islamabad Airport, and the H, G, and F blocks of Top City are close to the airport’s gates. The nearest is G Block, which the CAA has taken over due to security concerns.

NOC and Approval

The society’s NOC has been authorized and is registered with the RDA. It has obtained all necessary permits from RDA and ICT, CAA, NHA, and the Department of Environmental Protection. For further confirmation, you can look up the information on RDA’s official website.

Top City Islamabad Map

Top City-1 is easily accessible from Srinagar Highway, formerly named the Kashmir Highway, and the route is simple for anyone to pursue. The society is only 10 minutes away from the Federal Capital, and the New Islamabad Airport is only 3 kilometers away. Since the Srinagar Highway Extension from the motorway intersection around New Islamabad Airport was under construction for some time, an alternate access route has been identified from the Fateh Jung Road.

Top City Islamabad Map

Top City 1 Master Plan

Top City 1 is a colossal property that spans 5906 Kanal and is divided into many blocks, including A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H. However, given the risk of being adjacent to the New Islamabad International Airport, CAA has taken over Block G of the society.

The project also includes a variety of farmhouses in addition to residential and commercial properties. The following is the housing society’s comprehensive master plan:

Top City 1 Master Plan


Commercial District

The commercial area of Top City will be equipped with shopping arcades, utility stores, restaurants, banks, and offices. It will be the heart of the lodging society where all the investing energies are focused. The residents will have access to every need of theirs within the lodging society.


The cinema is an excellent complement to the entertainment life of the lodging society. It will play all of the biggest Hollywood and Bollywood blockbusters as well as local movies. The residents will enjoy the fun trips to the theatre because they will find a tranquil environment with comfortable seats and flavored popcorn.

Central Parks

The housing society will have a network of walkways and jogging tracks consisting of benches and manicured grass, with trees and bushes covering most of the park’s space. The parks closest to residential areas will have well-laid walkways and jogging tracks with benches and trimmed lawns.

Educational Institutions

Top City Islamabad’s educational establishments will give an interactive learning experience with modernistic computer and science labs, sports grounds, and other amenities to help our students grow. The country’s finest instructors will be teaching there. The parents will not have to worry about their children going far from home to acquire education.


The dwellers will receive quick medical aid from the housing society’s hospitals, including services in neurosurgery, pathology, dentistry, general surgery, psychiatry, and vice versa. Small clinics will be located at a convenient distance from the residential area.

24 hour Security Surveillance

The top city will be under 24-hour surveillance. The housing society is a gated community with CCTV cameras, armed security guards at every corner, and a wireless security system.

Underground Utilities

The lodging society provides a 24/7 supply of the utilities of water, electricity, and gas. The pipelines have already been laid.


Central Mosques are built in the lodging society for the congregational prayers.

Development Status

The development work in Top City Islamabad Latest News is nearing completion. In most of the regions, half of the development has been done. The 1 Kanal plots in Block B are available immediately, although the blocks C, D, E, H, and F are undergoing rapid development.

Signboards with road and street names have been placed throughout the housing society to make it easier for guests and residents to locate various sites. The subsurface energy, sewerage, and waste management systems have also been developed.

Top City-1 also claims to incorporate all of the most cutting-edge technologies such as fiber optics, metering, e-health providers, public Wi-Fi, e-tags, and intelligent monitoring systems.

Possession of Plots

Over ten years, the prices of the plots at Top City Islamabad have experienced numerous ups and downs. The society provides residential plots of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal and commercial properties of 5 Marla. Top City’s central retail sector is about to open, with larger commercial plots available for significant developments.

The 1 Kanal residential plots in the B block of the housing project have been handed possession to their owners. In contrast, the remaining blocks of the project, blocks A, C, D, E, H, and F, will be granted possession soon after the expedited development.

Top City Islamabad Payment Plan

The prices at Top City are easily affordable to everyone. Investors choose 5 Marla plots in Top City Islamabad because they are the easiest to trade and range from PKR 4.5 lakh to PKR 55 lakh.

A 10 Marla plot in TopCity-1 costs approximately PKR 20 lakh to PKR 80 lakh, while a 1 Kanal plot in TopCity-1 costs around PKR 50 lakh to 1.5 core. The prices offered by this housing society are comparable to those provided by Park View City, another potential real estate development in Islamabad’s CDA zone.

Apartments Payment Plan

top city 1 apartment payment plan

Residential Plots Payment Plan

top city 1 residential plot payment plan


Commercial Plots Payment Plantop city 1 commercial plot payment plan

How to Book a Plot in Top City Islamabad? 

  • For reservations and further information, go to the Sigma Properties office. Online bookings can also be made.
  • You can download the booking form from the society’s official website. Fill out the form with the essential information.
  • Make a deposit in the form of pay order, cash, or demand draught payable to Sigma Properties.
  • Submit your booking form, as well as all supporting documentation and payment order.

Required Documents

  • 2 Copies of CNIC of Applicant
  • 2 Photos of Applicant
  • 2 Copies of CNIC of Nominee

Why Invest in Top City Islamabad?

Top City Islamabad is an exemplary housing society that fulfills the dreams of the citizens by providing a quality lifestyle and amenities. The developers have an aim to establish a revolutionary housing community in Islamabad, which provides housing, industrial plots, residential villas, and apartment buildings.

Clean and Green Environment

Top City Islamabad has provided an eco-friendly environment for the residents. Environmental pollution in the form of air, water, and land contamination has had a significant impact on the residents of the city, so they resort to housing societies far from city life. A healthy life is only conceivable if the basic requirement of clean air and land is realized.

Procurement of NOC Document 

Top City Islamabad is a legally commissioned housing development, unlike most of the other housing complexes in the region. This indicates it has a Rawalpindi Development Authority No Objection Certificate for planning and development authorization. The investors only take into account the housing societies that are approved, and Top City falls in that list. A NOC from the RDA in Islamabad is required for a housing plan to be lawfully commissioned.

High Level of Security 

Top City Islamabad is a gated community that provides the residents with the highest level of security. The housing society will be under 24-hour security surveillance with armed guards in charge of each district. This is another benefit over city life; you do not guarantee the protection of this kind while living there. Top City will provide a family-friendly environment so that you do not have to worry about your children being unsafe.

Closeness to the Federal Capital 

Top City is at a beneficial distance from Islamabad, at a drive of 21 minutes via the Srinagar Highway. The dwellers will be able to avail a life away from the city without having to be at an enormous distance. Besides, the investors tend to invest in properties that are in proximity to Islamabad because of the excellent value that the capital adds to the property.

Superlative Architecture and Design 

The developers of Top City have burnt the midnight oil to provide unparalleled accommodations. A number of notable and formidable modernist buildings are also built in the housing society to combine modernity and nature; the residents will avail themselves the best of both.

Pros and Cons of Top City 1


Convenient Prices

Top City offers an easy payment plan, with the residential plots starting from PKR 4,500,000. When investors engage in the 1 and 2 Kanal plots of this housing society, they have a strategic advantage of PKR 1.5 million. As compared to other socities pricing advantage is substantial.

Excellent for Overseas Pakistanis 

Overseas Pakistanis search for the quality way of life that they are accustomed to. Fortunately, Top City Islamabad provides world-class amenities for an experience equal to life abroad. The technological successes, eco-friendly environment, and brilliant maintenance have set Top City aside from the rest of the housing societies.

Rewarding Commercial Investment 

The investors have focused on the commercial zones that the housing society has established because it contains endless opportunities. The housing society shall offer commercial sectors consisting of a mix of corporate offices, commercial stores, and entertainment points, all of which are designed to meet the needs of the clients. The lodging society has a strong potential for commercial development and shall provide employment to a significant amount of citizens.

Continual Utilities Supply

The lodging society will offer gas, water, and power to the residents 24/7. The pipelines had been laid in 2013. That said, it is evident how much easier life will be if you do not have to worry about finishing up your work before the power outages.

Attainability Medical Services 

As the health of the residents is a priority for the developers, the housing society contains numerous hospitals and clinics with well-trained medical staff and impressive services. These hospitals have more than 500 beds, separate ones for children, for maternity and child care, and specialty departments for paediatrics, gynaecology, and obstetrics.


Distance from the Twin Cities

Top City Islamabad is conveniently placed between Rawalpindi and Islamabad, but some of our clients have felt that it is too far for them. This is subjective, as there are those who need a quality lifestyle away from the city hustle and bustle.

FAQS Top City 1

1-Who is the owner of Top City Islamabad?

Kunwar Moeez Khan is the owner of Top City Islamabad.

 2-Where is Top City Islamabad situated?

It lies near the New Islamabad International Airport on the Srinagar Highway.

 3-Will underground utilities be provided at Top City Islamabad?

Yes, underground utilities of electricity, water, and gas are provided.

 4-Is the NOC of the society approved?

Yes, it is approved by RDA.

 5-Which plot sizes are available for booking?

The plot sizes available are as follows:

  • 5-Marla is (25 x 50)
  • 10 Marla (35 x 65)
  • 1 Kanal (50×90)
  • 2 Kanal (75×120)

6-What is the instalment plan for 5 Marla and 10 Marla plots?

The instalment plan has eight phases, with a 5-Marla instalment costing PKR 62500 and a 10-Marla payment costing PKR 112,500.

 7-How far is the airport from society?

It is 3 kilometres away from the New Islamabad International Airport.

 8-Will there be hospitals inside the society?

Yes, hospitals and clinics will be built in society.

 9-Will it be an eco-friendly society?

Yes, it will be. The developers have aimed to preserve the natural environment surrounding the society and within it.


Top City Islamabad has trusted developers, world-class amenities, and a future of endless opportunities. Sigma Properties is proud to represent it, and we await to guide you through your booking procedures.


Dream Gardens Lahore 

Dream Gardens Lahore 

Dream Gardens Lahore 

The Dream Gardens Lahore is a futuristic lodging society in the heart of Lahore. A dreamy living experience amidst natural beauty is a superb setting for a sophisticated and contemporary lifestyle. It is not only a great place to live, but it is also one of the most incredible places to invest in Lahore real estate due to its excellent infrastructure and modern amenities.

Owners and Developers

Izhar-Monnoo Developers have built a name for itself in Pakistan’s real estate sector by establishing residential projects in Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, and Multan. Izhar Monnoo Developers has become one of Pakistan’s dominant real estate company. They are dedicated to meeting the service requirements of Pakistanis by the provision of inexpensive, excellent, and safe housing along with the most significant living standards possible.

Izhar Monnoo Developers is rapidly expanding across the country, with projects in four major cities other than Lahore,

  • Dream Gardens Multan
  • Dream Gardens Faisalabad
  • Dream Gardens Wazirabad

Dream Gardens Location

The lodging society is located on Ali Akbar Road, adjacent to Bhoptian Chowk and Defense Road. Dream Gardens Lahore is close to many prestigious educational institutions, including UMT, UCP, COMSATS, UOL, Superior University, and BNU, which add to the project’s worth.

The residential society is conveniently accessible via

  • Mohlanwala Road
  • Ferozepur Road
  • Raiwind Road

Bahria Orchard Lahore, Dream Avenue, AWT Housing, LDA Avenue, Valencia Town, DHA Rahbar, and Lake City are similar housing societies in the vicinity. The location of Dream Gardens in Lahore is excellent. Still, the amenities and services provided by the developers have increased the value of the properties available for sale and purchase in the community. The University of Central Punjab and Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital are both less than 10 kilometres away. Thus you can get a notion of the housing society’s importance in terms of its location.

Master Plan 

Dream Gardens Lahore, is a 500-acre exquisite real estate development that includes pre-built houses and fully developed residential and commercial plots. Single and double-story units of 5, 7, and 10 Marla and larger units of 1 and 1.5 Kanal are available for purchase in Dream Gardens Phase 1 and 2.

master plan of discovery gardens Lahore

Dream Gardens Lahore NOC 

The Dream Gardens Phase 1 and 2 have received clearance from Lahore Development Authority (LDA), the Parks and Horticulture Authority, the Irrigation Department, and the Environment Protection Department. The phases have also attained approvals from LESCO, SNGPL, PHA and WASA.

Salient Features

The lodging society offers world-class amenities, including the following:

  • Gated Community
  • Verdant Community Parks
  • 24/7 Security Surveillance
  • Leisure Clubs
  • Amusement Parks
  • There are 2,500 commercial and residential units in the development.
  • Green places abound
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • System for waste disposal


Lahore Public Transport Near Dream Gardens 

The lodging society is located on Lahore’s Defense Road, which is a premium location. The position provides an extra benefit to the society by maintaining it nearby to several of the critical traffic networks. The southern side of the Lahore Ring Road, Hudaira Dam Road, Mohlanwala Road, Ferozepur Road, and Raiwind Road, for example, are all conveniently accessible from the lodging society.

Because of its proximity to these thoroughfares, the Dream Gardens residents will have access to practically every kind of public transportation accessible in Lahore, including traditional rickshaws, taxis, and buses.

Several bus stops are close to the lodging society, like the CIIT Bus Station and the Lancaster Bus Stop on Ali Akbar Road within 5 minutes’ drive. While Bhubtian Chowk Bus Stop is 2.4 km away from Shahkam Chowk Bus Stop is roughly a 9 minutes’ drive.

Apart from the choices mentioned above, you can also take the Metro buses, one of the most cost-effective and pleasant intercity transit options in Lahore. The route begins in Shahdara and concludes at the Gajju Matah Metro bus terminal, about a 25-minute drive from the Asif Town society.

Furthermore, the second and third metro stations are around a 24-27-minute drive apart. These are the following:

  • The Nishtar Metro Bus Station
  • The Dulu Khurd Metro Bus Station

Commercial Markets 

Easy proximity to markets and grocery stores is a crucial aspect that determines property investment or rental decisions. For the time being, Dream Gardens has a Sector Market and a Victoria Mini Mart (supermarket) where the residents can purchase groceries and everyday items.

A tailor shop, a vegetable and dairy goods shop, a barbershop, and general retailers are located in the Sector Market. In addition, Hussain Pharmacy and Zain Medicos are both active in the community. In addition, Bhobtian Main Market adjacent to Dream Gardens, Lahore, is only around an 8-minute drive away. Food stalls, mobile phone and accessory businesses, general stores, barbershops, bakeries, and general stores, to name a few, can all be found at the market.

Central Mosques 

When residents of a community have places of worship within walking distance of their homes, they are at ease. They can quickly go to the nearest place of worship to seek spiritual guidance and fulfil their religious obligations.

In Phase 1 of Dream Gardens, you will find an expansive and air-conditioned Jamia Masjid. The mosque’s architecture and design are breathtaking. According to the master plan, the society will soon include a second central mosque.

Educational Institutions 

Dropping children off at school can be difficult if their school is located a considerable distance. As a result, the presence of schools nearby has a significant impact on the value of a property.

Fortunately, there are numerous top-tier schools, colleges, and universities in and around Dream Gardens Lahore, implying ease for residents and profitable returns for investment.

The lodging society will contain some of Lahore’s or Pakistan’s most prestigious schools. A campus of Pak-Turk Maarif International Schools & Colleges is operational here. It is a private Turkish educational organization having schools in all of Pakistan’s main cities since 1995.

There are also some private colleges operational around Dream Gardens Lahore, providing intermediate level education. Medium and O/A-Level systems are offered at the Pak-Turk Maarif International Schools & Colleges, Roots International School, and Bahria Town School & College-Girls Campus, all of which follow the Federal Board and Cambridge curriculum. COMSATS University is also at a fair distance from the housing community.

Financial Institutions 

The presence of financial institutions near a residence adds ease to everyday transactions and makes your payments safer and more secure. In Dream Gardens, Lahore, a branch of Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB) and Allied Bank Limited is located. In addition, other banks are planning to open attachments within the lodging society’s premises shortly.

Development Status 

The first phase of the housing program was launched in September 2011, with a five-year possession time estimate. The builders, on the other hand, surprised buyers by delivering possessions in June 2014. In February 2017, the announcement of the project’s second phase came, and it is scheduled to be completed soon.

In Phase 1, approximately 80% of the residences are constructed, and residential plots in the exact area sizes are also available. Pre-built houses have a similar appearance, front elevation, interior, and exterior. In contrast, plot owners can design their homes according to their needs and design by paying 30% of the total plot price as a down payment.

The lodging society is well-designed, taking into account the needs and amenities that most inhabitants demand. Residents’ needs for space have been given special consideration; for example, internal roads are approximately 40-60 feet wide, while the lane of 5 Marla residences is also 35+ feet broad. In addition, Dream Gardens’ main boulevard is 150 feet wide.

Payment Plans

The Dream Gardens Lahore provides a convenient three years payment plan. There is a 30% down payment payable before the instalments. Only 3% of the total booking price is required for the down payment for any houses or plots. If you don’t want to pay in instalments, you can get a 15% discount on the total cost.

Houses or plots located on the main 60-foot road are also subject to a 5% surcharge. If someone wants to acquire a home or property that faces Main Boulevard (150′), they will have to pay an additional 8% of the total price.

The payment plan of Dream Garden Lahore depicted below shows the average price of residences; however, prices may vary depending on features such as corner plots/houses, views of parks or main roads, or other facilities. All of these facilities add up to a 5% increase in the total price.

Phase 2 Residential Houses

Area (Marla) Accommodation Covered Area Price (PKR) Royal Finish Price (PKR) Grey Finish
5 4 bed + 3 bath + PR + SQ 2088 13,475,490 9,862,415
5 (Rentable) 3 bed + 3 bath + PR + SQ 2165 13,753,075 10,006,759
7 4 bed + 4 bath + PR + SQ 2425 17,069,675 12,873,455
10 4 bed + 4 bath  + PR + SQ 3078 21,553,747 16,227,575
20 5 bed + 5 bath  + PR + SQ 4902 35,531,910 27,049,489
30 5 bed + 5 bath + PR + SQ 5534 46,740,370 37,164,336


Let us also take a look at the payment plans of commercial plots, residential plots, arches and balcony.

Phase 2 Commercial Plots

Plot Area (Marla) Price (PKR)
6 20,394,000
7 23,793,000
10 31,712,670


Phase 2 Residential Plots 

Plot Area (Marla) Price (PKR)
5 5,948,250
7 8,327,550
10 10,457,557
20 17,860,200
30 26,790,300


Phase 1 Arches

Ground Floor
Unit Type Area (Square foot) Price (PKR)
Shop 1 & 7 ( Corner + 5% Park Facing) 638 16,747,500
Office 2 & 6 (Park Facing) 614 15,350,000
Office 3,4,5 (Park Facing) 610 15,250,000
First Floor
Unit Type Area (Square foot) Price (PKR)
Office 1 & 7 640 9,600,000
Shop 2,3,4,5 & 6 298 4,470,000
Shop 8 & 10 248 3,720,000
Shop 9 245 3,675,000
Second Floor
Unit Type Area (Square foot) Price (PKR)
Office 1 & 4 640 6,400,000
Office 2 726 7,260,000
Office 3 749 7,490,000
Office 5 483 4,830,000
Office 6 439 4,390,000


Phase 1 Balcony 6

Apartment 1 & 6 1,831 2 bed + 2 bath + open KTN + store 12,817,000
Apartment 2,3,4 & 5 1,526 2 bed + 2 bath + open KTN + store 10,682,000


How to Book a Plot?

Contact our experts at Sigma Properties to make a booking. We entertain online bookings as well.

  • The booking form is available on the society’s official website.
  • Fill out the form.
  • Deposit Sigma Properties in the form of a check, cash, or purchase order.
  • Submit your reservation form, as well as all supporting documentation and a review.

The documents you will need are as follows:

  • 2 Copies of CNIC of Applicant
  • 2 Photos of Applicant
  • 2 Copies of CNIC of Nominee

Why Dream Gardens Lahore?

The Dream Gardens Lahore lives up to its name. It is a dreamlike place to live with nature’s thralls around you. At Dream Gardens, a tranquil and peaceful environment awaits you.

Gated City 

The city residents have begun looking for abodes in walled lodging societies where they know their kids are safer. Thus, the Dream Gardens Lahore offers a family-friendly environment with optimum security and CCTV camera surveillance.

Approved Lodging Society 

This lodging society is approved by the LDA and has acquired the legal documents from the rest of the regulatory bodies. So your investment will be in the right place.

Luxury Way of Life 

The developers have laid the foundation of this exemplary lodging society to provide the citizens with a luxurious life filled with serenity and world-class amenities.

Electricity Backup

The Izhar-Monnoo Developers have established power backup systems to ensure that residents are not inconvenienced during power outages.

Pros and Cons 


Fitness Clubs 

A residential society’s amenities, such as sports complexes and gyms, are essential for the lodging society. In Dream Gardens Lahore, you will find several fully working sports facilities and fitness centres. In Dream Gardens, there is a sports complex. It contains football, table tennis, badminton, and basketball courts are all well-developed.

Salons and Spas

Near Dream Gardens, Lahore, various beauty salons and spas for ladies provide all of the beauty services and treatments that one could require regularly. Dream Gardens is less than 4 kilometres away from the following salons:

  • Diplex for Women
  • Revive Beauty Salon and Institute
  • Rogue Beauty Salon
  • Abeera’s Beauty Salon

Accessible Location 

The Dream Gardens has the best possible location. The important places around the lodging society are as follows:

  • COMSATS is only 3 minutes away by car.
  • Dream Gardens is around a 15-minute drive from Bahria Town, Lahore.
  • Valencia Town, Lahore, can be reached in 14 minutes through Defense Road.
  • Lahore’s Lake City is 18 minutes distant through Raiwind Road in Lahore.
  • Fazaia Housing Scheme is 16 minutes away from the society via Raiwind Road or Lahore’s Defense Road.


Distance from Lahore 

Although the lodging society is adjacent to the city, it can be too far from the city for some. But this is subjective as our clients are on the lookout for a distant paradigm of excellence for living, which the Lahore Dream Gardens already is.


An investment in Dream Gardens Lahore will prove to be highly beneficial for you. Let us assist you through the booking process, it will be taken care of by our consultants. It is an emblem of utter marvelousness so do not miss out on it.


1-What is Dream Gardens Lahore?

It is a decent housing society in Lahore.

2-Where is it situated?

Dream Gardens Lahore is on Ali Akbar Road, near Bhoptian Chowk and Defense Road in Lahore.

3-Who is the owner?

Izhar-Monnoo Developers are the owners of the lodging society.

4-Is it an approved lodging society?

Yes, it is approved by the LDA.

5-What are the residential plot sizes available in Dream Gardens?

The residential plot sizes are,

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 20 Marla
  • 30 Marla

6-What are the commercial plot sizes available in Dream Gardens?

The commercial plot sizes are,

  • 6 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla

7-Is there underground electricity and gas in the lodging society? 

Yes, there is underground electricity and gas.





The Royal Orchard is one of the top newly launched housing scheme in Sahiwal, which is offering all exclusive lifestyle at the prime location, state of the art planning, and all the basic amenities. It is developing a creative society, which will give you a luxurious lifestyle. All of these residential plots of Royal Orchard Sahiwal are for the residents who want to live in a modern housing development in Sahiwal. The profit gains of Royal Orchid Sahiwal are high which is why it is ideal for the property investment.


logo design of HRL

The Royal Orchard Sahiwal is presented by the Habib Rafique (Pvt) Ltd. Who has already shown their best performance in their previous project in Royal Orchard Multan. Their increasing efforts towards industrial projects for power, chemicals, roads, motorway, building, and airport have attained better and new business ventures, also the repetition of their orders they are getting from their clients on the basis of their trust in HRL is the way they represent professional excellence by meeting all the requirements of high work projects has built the trust and confidence with our business entrepreneurs.Habib Rafique (Pvt) Ltd has earned their trust, respect, and reputation of being the most certified name in the market and has added value through a beneficial engineering contribution to the concept of developing housing projects and in other disciplines.


The Royal Orchard Sahiwal believes in giving a luxurious lifestyle to your life. once receiving an amazing response from the residents of Multan and Sargodha, Royal Orchard Sahiwal aims to set new presidents within the existing landscape of Sahiwal. This housing scheme is designed to supply you with a combination of classic luxurious residential lifestyle and remunerative business avenues that are comparable to any high caliber housing scheme in Pakistan.

Luxury Residence

when we talk about the luxurious lifestyle in Pakistan. Royal Orchard is designed to meet the future expectations of its residents. This housing society has a plethora of unique features to meet the speculations of its residents, is designed to provide the ideal foundation for the investors and buyers to raise their families in the utmost peaceful luxurious, and eco-friendly environment in Sahiwal.

Possession after Down Payment

Possession of plots is available on a 20% down payment. Royal orchard Sahiwal is offering numerous basic plot essentials both for the commercial and residential zone but few of them are totally unique that you have never observed in any society. So grab the house of your choice and get plot possession.

Organized Map and Construction Plan

Royal Orchard Sahiwal the first international business is offering ideal authentic property. Developers have picked rich locality for mapping the intricate most awaited project. It is connected nearby to COMSAT university you can even access Royal Orchard Sahiwal within few minutes. If you talk about surroundings you will be amazed to see that all daily life necessities are flexibly available within walking distance. Whether you are coming from inner areas of Sahiwal you can access Royal Orchard Sahiwal by direct connecting road without following a difficult Google map.

Uninterrupted supply of utilities

The considerable work of Royal Orchard Sahiwal has already been done including main roads, sewerage, pipelines, electrification, water, landscapes, parks, and much more is available without any general interruptions. The main facility that makes this society stands higher than others is its promise to provide Load shedding free environment.

Additionally, Royal Orchard Sahiwal had a great chance to own the front location of the city Sahiwal, indulge in the present-day composition of the 20th century.


Royal Orchard Sahiwal Housing Scheme offers different property types and their distinct sizes and a variety of residential, commercial plots and built-in houses at a different location in society. Royal Orchard Sahiwal also offers a variety of plots that are inviting all the small and large combined families to be a part of this society. The houses in the building are surely ventilated and airy with heart-warming facilities. If you are looking to save your debts and future values then enjoy the pleasure of this admirable combination of Royal Orchard Sahiwal commercial and residential property.



Royal Orchard In Sahiwal Is Situated On The Opposite Road To COMSATS University Sahiwal. This Project Has Good Road Links Like G.T. Road, Pakpattan Sahiwal Road, Sahiwal Bypass Road, And Sahiwal Bunga Hayat Road. Royal Orchard Location Is Ideal Due To Its Good Link To COMSATS University Sahiwal.

Royal Orchard Sahiwal Has Developed A Newly Emerging Journey For Entertaining Commercial And Residential Property. Royal Orchard Sahiwal Is Planned With Worldwide Modern Facilities And It Offers Ideal Certified Property And Is One Of The Top International Business And Living Schemes In The Boundary Of Sahiwal. Their Developers Always Pick A Rich Spot For Mapping The Most Detailed Forthcoming Projects.

location map of ROYAL ORCHARD


The NOC Of Royal Orchard Is Approved By The Tehsil And District Municipal Administration Of Sahiwal Which Makes It One Of The Few Housing Societies Legally Commissioned To Carry Out Development Work

Royal orchard Development Status

The remaining development of Royal Orchard Sahiwal is going on at its high speed which will be completed soon according to their latest updates. All the commercial plazas, houses, and roads with underground services are under construction and will be completed in this housing scheme. Furthermore, the properties of Royal Orchid Sahiwal are ready for possession as the great amount of work has already been done which includes main roads, sewerage, pipelines, electrification, landscapes, parks, and many houses. The developer team is going through each and every detail of this project so the residents could get a desirable place that could be provided with excellent infrastructure.


ROS plots come in different sizes, also the plots situated parallel to parks with beautiful landscapes. It offers commercial Villas and residential villas with available options:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Unique Features

Features including Majestic Entrance, Jamia Mosque, Commercial Zone, Community Club, Carpeted Roads, Cinepax, Parking Facilities, Health Facilities, Educational Facilities, Community Centers, Playgrounds, Green belts, Street lights, Wide entertainment park.

Grand Mosque

Commercial Zone

Community Club

Educational Institutes


Support clubs

Night View


Golf Course


Royal Orchard Housing Scheme is offering you more than you can expect very great and reasonable prices, so you can book your demanded property with many facilities with the availability of an easy installment plan which makes you easy to get a unique place at such an elegant and audacious land. The current prices of all the properties at ROS rare very reasonably and the demand for these properties is going to increase in the near future. The payment plans for commercial plots, residential plots, and homes of the Royal Orchards Housing Scheme are mentioned below for you:

commercial plots

Orchard Sahiwal developers have made different sizes of commercial plots that are closely linked with main roads at the front location of the society. Also, you can own a variety of business properties which include, 6.7 Marla and 8.9 Marla.

Residential Plots

The details of residential plots are offering the opportunity to get 5, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal plots at the well-defined location which includes, centered road face, corner locality, and west face. You can also pick up the property according to your own choice. Those residents are actually warm welcomed that are planning to own and ready to live because this society has planned 5, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal plots with a well-defined state of the art.

Royal Orchard Facilities

The beautiful planning of ROS has wide roads, underground electricity, a modern drainage system, and green belts. Royal Orchard is also offering great facilities like the grand Jamia masjid, shopping malls, food spots, internet facility, Cineplex cinemas, hotels, swimming pools, spa, gyms, restaurants, bowling alley, library, gaming zone, schools, clinics, colleges, hospitals, parks, golf courses, boundary wall, and integrated security system. The residents of Royal Orchards will be amazed to see the daily life basic necessities that are available within walking distance.

ROS is constituted with modern and latest ideas that offer luxurious living quality to the residents of Sahiwal city. This project is a combination of inspiration, advancement, which creates a dream place for their residents so they can experience luxurious living with the beauty of nature.


Most frequent questions and answers about Taj Residencia

ROS has situated nearby the main Comsats University campus road. The housing society has quick access from Main GT Road, Sahiwal By-pass road, and Sahiwal’s Jhall road.


it is being designed and managed by Royal Builders – a sister concern of Habib Rafiq limited. HRL and Royal Builders are working in all administrative sectors of ROS.


According to the developers and management of ROS, the Tehsil Municipal Administration – TMA Sahiwal has approved this housing society. 95% of the infrastructural development is complete in Royal Orchard Sahiwal.


The developers of Royal Orchard Sahiwal are Habib Rafiq Limited (HRL). HRL has antecedently delivered turnkey urban settlement projects for DHA, Bahria Town, and Pakistan’s Government. They are conjointly the consultants and developers of the Multan International Airport.


With Sigma Properties & Marketing, it is straightforward to take a position in ROS. Sigma Properties & Marketing is a noble platinum partner of ROS and is one of the approved dealers of this society within the northern Punjab region. The residential plot sizes are available in this housing society are 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal. The booking of plots in Royal grove Sahiwal starts from as low as 10% of the full price. All of the plot costs are distributed into equal quarterly installments.


ROS is nearing its completion in terms of infrastructural development. Basic and essential civic amenities like water, electricity, and water are already available on site. Possession is quickly available for the bulk of the plots, and also the management has declared that, possession is going to be given on 20% payment.