Eighteen Islamabad

Eighteen Islamabad

Eighteen Islamabad

The Eighteen Housing Society Islamabad is an in development real estate project aimed at luxury living for the people of Pakistan. This world-class destination has been envisioned in the country´s most beautiful City, known as Islamabad. The project is worth USD 2 billion and has been initiated by Ora Developers, Saif Group and Kohistan Builders and Developers, together as a joint venture. The project is a perfect example of defining an elegant landscape, contemporary architecture, and sustainable living in the beautiful City, Islamabad. As we all know that the dealings in the property market of Islamabad is considered to be the most productive one and guarantees a great deal of profit, Eighteen Housing has successfully managed to maintain the image. This beautiful society has successfully grabbed the attention of regular home buyers for their living and the real estate investors all around the board.

This grand Eighteen residential housing society is a blend of lavish apartments to designer villas and a beautiful state-of-the-art championship golf course along with high-end shopping mall, and a has got several other amazing facilities like it is an upscaled business district, futuristic infrastructure, world-class amenities, and a luxurious environment for residents wishing to experience the international style of living in Pakistan. The overall infrastructure has been designed, keeping in consideration the overseas standards of living, and for this cause the amenities are planned accordingly to facilitate and satisfy the customers. . Here is a thing that you need to know about this magnificent commercial and residential housing project that it has aimed to become one of the finest projects in Pakistan.



The Eighteen Housing community is an amazing project that has been made by the renowned developers in joint venture as a result in partnership of 2 successful Pakistani companies called Saif Group and Kohistan Builders and Developers. These are the renowned companies in the name of real estate world. Eighteen is an ongoing project of Egypt-based conglomerate called as Ora Developers. The owner of Ora Developers is an Egyptian billionaire named Naguib Sawiris, and we are proud to announce him as the investor of this project and also an investor in the several other projects of Pakistan. Naguib Sawiris had also earlier acquired the Mobilink Telecommunications prior selling it to VimpelCom. There is a list of & prolific development projects all over the world by the Ora Developers, among which the prominent ones include the following:

Projects Delivered by Ora Developers

  • Silver-sands At Caribbean
  • Nocera Ltd. In London
  • Ayia Napa Marina in Cyprus
  • Pyramid Hills In Cairo Egypt
  • Nile City In Cairo
  • Zed In Egypt
  • North Coast In Egypt

As you see  a list of some successful projects of Ora Developers including the Ayia Napa Marina in UK, the Cyprus Grosvenor Square in London, , a 5-star Silver sands Hotel located in Grenada and a there are several more projects like Nile City Towers and Pyramid Hills in Egypt. On the contrary the partner developer of Eighteen Housing Society known as the Saif Group, has been in function since 1960s and they have a history of being an active company in the Real estate world. The Kohistan Builders & Developers are also known developers that have ventured in the project development of the Eighteen sectors of the Capital City in Pakistan. Kohistan Builders and Developers have a record of successful work at the ‘G-15 in Islamabad, called Zarkon Heights.


The Eighteen Housing society is currently under development and approved project by CDA, the Capital Development Authority. Eighteen housing Scheme is designed as a blend of apartments and villas, developed as an exceptional and unique architectural masterwork. This wonderful community is literally another city within Islamabad. The society has an eye-catching view of lush greenery and hills and its infrastructure is amazing overall.

The area of about 572 acres has been utilized in this project with a master plan designed by a renowned international architecture companies such as Allison Architects Glasgow, CallisonRTKL and Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo (WATG). The planned infrastructure encourages an urban lifestyle with a blend of extreme natural beauty utilized from the surrounding areas. The urban style infrastructure of Eighteen Housing Society is something to wonder or astonishment at, the surrounding beautiful greenery and sheer attention in the detail makes it the most environment-friendly and also the ultra-modern living communities in our Country. The society features a remarkable golf course at the area´s heart of 18-hole along with an elegantly designed villas and apartments.  There is a Residential unit in the society that is well-connected to the facilities like office buildings, five-star hotel, shopping centre and several more top-notch facilities like curved parkways and the wide beautiful roads.


Eighteen Islamabad is located at a prime area at Kashmir highway with about a distance of almost 5 Kilometres from Golra Mor and almost 3 Kilometers from the exit of Lahore-Islamabad. This housing project is the closest project developed in the capital City of Pakistan, Islamabad and it is really near to the Islamabad International Airport. The project is located next to one of the oldest housing societies in that region of the University Town. On the map the location of Eighteen Islamabad Society can be viewed at only a few miles away from the Taj Residencia which is a high prolific housing society in that region and adds gives an easy access to the several important routes.

The visitors can reach to this amazing housing project very easily, because the location is quite accessible. If you follow a straight road route till the zero points to the society by following Kashmir Highway then it may directly lead you to the Eighteen Society. One other way is through the GT Road, that will also lead to the direct access of this society.  This location is also pinned on the Google Maps, making it more convenient for you to reach the area, so anyone who wants to visit the society can just search Eighteen Islamabad on Google maps and simply get the navigation leading straight to this site. The Eighteen Housing Society consumes a space of about 572 acres on the land and tend to be the ideal location for residents, both in the means of living or investing.


The society is not just located only to a 20-minute distance away from downtown Islamabad twin cities, but it can also easily be accessed via the , Lahore-Islamabad Motorway Kashmir Highway, Grand Trunk Road. The Islamabad new International Airport is located at a distance of nearly 16.3 kilometers from the destination, which eventually means that it will take almost 30 minutes to reach the airport. The nearby spots like Fazaia Housing Scheme and Supreme Court Cooperative Housing Society, G-10 and G-11 Markaz makes the Eighteen Society as extremely prime location.


The current update on the development work of Eighteen Housing Society, Islamabad is that the work is under progress at a rapid speed and it is being carried out in the 2 phases. The first phase will claim the completion of the residential block in a time period of around three to 4 years however the second phase is planned on for the completion of the commercial block. However in precise the work status is good in means of quality as well as the time taken.


The top-notch Eighteen housing society has a wide range of facilities available that ensures a high quality lifestyle of its residents.

Following mentions some of the features:

  • The society includes more than two thousand units in the residential block, making a wide range of options available.
  • The architecture and infrastructure is extremely modern, and includes many nearby facilities like mosques, hospitals, schools, Airport and etc.
  • There is a majestic 18-hole golf course within the society that makes it feasible to reach within the boundaries and have a fun filled leisure.
  • A very luxurious 5-star hotel exists within the boundaries of Eighteen housing society that may entertain and add beauty at the same time.
  • The shopping mall of an international standard, having most of the rarely founds brands in Pakistan from abroad can be found, that too as a high-end retail outlets. This is for all the people who are into using quality products who may now feasibly find the things of their taste within reachable range.
  • There is a facility of a business district because the commercial buildings with the state-of-the-art is within the Eighteen housing society, making its demand high between the investors.
  • Keeping in consideration that it is mandatory in the current era to have education the high standard of renowned educational institutes are also within the reach of this society. Making it feasible for the families having children.
  • There are hospitals available with the society with the well maintained medical and health care units, making sure that anyone needing the service may be well treated.
  • The parks and lush greenery in the area makes it beautiful and environment friendly at the same time.
  • The extra wide roads along with the properly designed spaces for the vehicle parking is made available in the Eighteen society to serve the cause of avoiding traffic jams.
  • The civic amenities are also made available adding an extra benefit to the society.

There is an extreme secure and safe environment in the surrounding as well as within the Eighteen Housing society, because the prime concern in our country is safety.


The masterplan for Eighteen Housing society Islamabad is remarkable as it creates a beautiful beautiful design and landscaping and benefits a smart architecture design that is utilizing the resources in cost effective as well as beautiful ways, making sure that the updated techniques are used in maximizing the local climate and also minimizing the negative impact over it, as much as possible. Eighteen is a secured gated community designed with an aim to offer a dream lifestyle and a pampered living. The society is eco-friendly, has natural beauty, lush greenery, open and wide space is surrounded by the apartments and villas. The villas and apartment are connected by a wide, gently curved parkways that are easily serviced by extravagant amenities.

Overall the society´s architecture is designed with a blend of complementing the panoramic views and existing natural elements, for which our country is known. The society is spacious in sense of openness, the views are beautiful and breath taking and the hills are the hallmarks of this society. The area spreads on a 2.7 million square yards with many facilities and aim of offering a of luxurious and international standard of living.




The land consumed for the development of the Eighteen Housing Society Islamabad is quite huge. The project has aimed to facilitate around two thousand residential units, about a 1068 villas, more than 900 apartments and also the commercial properties are made available. The villas are planned to be constructed on scale ranging 10 Marla, 1, 2, 4 and 8 Kanal of plot sizes respectively. These are planned to be completely equipped villas with beautiful views of lavish green fields and parks in the whole society. Now let us give you a brief of both the offerings of residential and the commercial blocks that are available in the society:

Residential Projects of the Eighteen Islamabad

offers a glimpse of an extreme luxurious lifestyle with variety of options suitable for families of all sizes. For twosomes, there are well-dressed, city-style apartments, intensely designed with wide-angle, continual views of the golf course. For larger families or those who desire more space, Eighteen Islamabad offers a lavish separate Villas. These specific huge Villas are little costly and is available in four and eight-Kanal sizes, the design is made in an exclusive and intriguing crescent shapes. They are some next level beautiful homes facing the society´s Golf course view.

The villas

At eighteen society are the extremely outstanding project of real states that comprises of 1/2, 1, 2, 4 & 8 Kanal sizes and will be private villas, hence they are recommended for larger families or even those individuals that crave for spacious accommodations may get to have the grand living along with space

Commercial Project of the Eighteen Islamabad


The Core

At Eighteen is an innovatively designed and currently developed within this project with an aim of cutting edge Commercial opportunity for the investors. For the cause thirteen high rise towers are planned to be constructed. This corporate zone is expected to encourage the modern culture along the business environment with be innovated. The beautiful infrastructure will showcase modern design meanwhile maintaining the professional atmosphere, targeting huge organizations, businesses and investors.

The Eighteen Islamabad has an offering in both commercial and residential properties that is sub-divided into the following project categories


located in the center the club tends to be an attractive feature in this project. The club has the golf course that is discussed above a several times. Destined to become a focal point for the society because the view will display picturesque view of meadows and the lakes making a perfect spot for parties on the terrace, fine dining, and a place where you get to enjoy completely. The club also includes squash courts, cricket ground a sports center, a yoga studio, swimming pools and a cigar lounge.



is located at The Core Eighteen, will have 150 rooms offering a five-star experience to the visitors, along with providing security and services inspired by world’s top renowned hotels. The spa, gymnasium and a fine dining space will be within the resorts. The party halls in resorts are spacious enough to accommodate 1000 people comfortably.


in society will have international standards of shopping malls, hence a perfect spot for the friends, families and couples to have amazing times.



will have highly trained doctors and medical staff, patient wards, A&E unit to deal efficiently. The clinic will be completely equipped for the purpose to deal with any sort of emergency and non-emergency cases. The need of quick medical facilities has been kept in consideration at priority.


22 REASONS TO Invest IN EIGHTEEN Islamabad

The Eighteen Islamabad is a project estimated with a worth of 2 Billion USD approximately. This huge housing society has been planned to become the posh and the most exclusive housing society in the city. There are a number of reasons that will definitely intrigue you into buying it:

  1. The society has futuristic amenities.
  2. The huge villas are beautiful and spacious, which is perfect for large families and even the individuals who require open space to live.
  3. There a big 18-Hole Golf Course, that is perfect to spend leisure and also it adds a beautiful view to the houses.
  4. There is a plan of a luxurious Business center-The Core, giving many opportunities to the businesses and investors.
  5. Keeping in consideration the importance of education in the current times, the international Standard Schools & Colleges and in reach to the society.
  6. A network of Carpeted roads that are wide and also the open big space of parking is there to avoid the traffic jams.
  7. The society has a beautiful breath taking views of Parks, lakes, and hills.
  8. Fully equipped hospitals are there with a perfect Health care claims.
  9. There are clubs where the residents can get Membership and enjoy with either of the friend or family.
  10. There are also the international standard of Shopping malls and food street at The Square.
  11. Facilities like the Spa, fitness centers, swimming pools & Dinning is available at The Resort.
  12. There are luxurious apartments at The Height.
  13. For easy access and convenience the mosques and in reach.
  14. The natural resources are utilized in the most cost effective ways making the area most Eco-friendly.
  15. There is lush greenery all around the society.
  16. The location is extremely prime.
  17. It’s a well planned elite society with a variety of living option, planned and designed by professionals.
  18. Offers a dream living of highest Standard.
  19. The Infrastructure and architecture is beautiful, modern and has endless facilities at the same time.
  20. There is a secure Investment and good returns expected for the investors.
  21. The great opportunity as a business centre is offered for the companies for the means of investments.
  22. The Eighteen Housing project is named to be a City within a City, which clearly defines it extravagance and endless facilities


Recently there is sale available on the properties of the Eighteen society Islamabad and there is an option available for the payment on easy instalments. The benefit will be given on the early booking that can be payed with a down payment of 15%. However the leftover amount can be payed in the division of 14 equal quarterly instalments. Following are the Prices of the Properties at Eighteen Society, Islamabad with respect to their property type:-

Residential Villas Payment Plan

  • The Property Type of the size 10 Marla in residential villas has a Price Range lying between PKR 4.66 to 6.95 crore.
  • The Property Type of the size 1 Kanal in Residential Villa has a Price Range PKR 8.72 to 10.52 crore
  • The Property Type of the size 2 Kanal in Residential Villa has a Price Range PKR 16.27 to 18.62 crore
  • The Property Type of the size 4 Kanal in Residential Villa has a Price Range PKR 28.41 to 33.81 crore
  • The Penthouses are offered in the Price Range between PKR 52.23 to 53.92 crore.

Eighteen Residential Villas Payment Plan

Apartments Payment Plan

Meanwhile, there is an option available for the apartments as well, that too on amazing sale in Eighteen Islamabad, differing according to the sizes,  read the below for more details on prices:-

  • The Studio apartment of the area Size 775 sq. ft. is available between Price Range of PKR 1.38 to 1.40 crore.
  • The 1-bed apartment, of the area Size        969 sq. ft. is available between the Price Range of PKR 1.67 to 1.77 crore
  • The 2-bed apartment of the area Size covering 1,668 sq. ft. is available on the price Ranging between PKR 2.82 to 2.99 crore
  • The 3-bed apartment of the area size covering 2,196 sq. ft. to 2,207 sq. ft. is being offered between the Price Range of PKR 3.71 to 4.10 crore.

Eighteen Apartments Payment Plan



Q1- What is the Eighteen Islamabad?

  • Eighteen Islamabad is a new housing project in Islamabad and it is currently under development.

Q2- Where is Eighteen Islamabad located?

  • Eighteen Islamabad is situated on the on Kashmir Highway in the 18th sector of Islamabad, can also be accessed through GT road.

Q3- Who is the owner of the Eighteen Islamabad?

  • Eighteen Islamabad is a project in partnership of Ora Developers, Saif Group Ora Developers, and Kohistan Builders & Developers.

Q4- What plot sizes are available at Eighteen Islamabad?

  • The project offers at Eighteen Islamabad are a variety of apartments and Villas in sizes of ½, 1, 2, 4 and 8 Kanal.

Q5- How will the Eighteen Islamabad society different from the other societies in the region?

  • Eighteen Islamabad is the most unique and futuristic society of Pakistan. The luxurious architecture, amenities and entertaining to make this project loftier and superior not just in Islamabad but all over Pakistan.
Should I buy a Rental Property or Invest in Stocks

Should I buy a Rental Property or Invest in Stocks

Should I buy a Rental Property or Invest in Stocks?

Are you confused about whether to invest in a rental property or stocks? Real estate can pay off, but claiming that it is a better investment than investing money in the stock market is naïve. While both choices have advantages and disadvantages, buying a rental property is highly suggested for investors for various reasons. Let us go through the benefits of investing in rental property vs stocks.

Rental Property Vs Stocks  

Many people who have traditionally invested in real estate do not trust or care to understand the realm of the stock market, while most stock investors are wary of real estate.

As a result, there are many different views on the stock market vs. rental property, making it difficult for beginners to make a straightforward and fair comparison. It’s not a “either/or” situation, and both options are equally valid. The best way to choose is primarily a matter of:

  • Personal inclinations
  • Risk tolerance
  • Return objectives
  • Current valuations

Thus in this article, we will compare and contrast real estate and stocks to help you know which investment method is best for you.

Why Should You Buy Rental Property?

To make an informed decision, let us take a look at the benefits rental property brings that stocks do not.

Cash Flow 

Cash flow is well-known for accounting for a higher portion of a rental property’s total return. Tenants pay rent every month and depending on the properties’ purchase price. This income may represent an unleveraged return of 5-10 percent.

The cash flow yields can vary greatly depending on the property’s quality and location. Still, most investors will seek out rentals with above-average yields (or capitalization rates) to have enough liquidity to cover their mortgage, maintenance and build cash reserves for vacancies while still earning a reasonable return. But that’s not all. Properties also appreciate over time.

Stocks, on average, provide relatively little in cash flow (or dividends) to shareholders and rely on capital appreciation for the majority of their returns.

Better Management Control 

One of the most compelling reasons consumers invest in rental properties is the ability to live in, touch, and feel them. It’s tangible. They intend to renovate these homes to boost their worth and rentals. To put it another way, they want complete control over their investment.

With stocks, you’ll have to rely more on intermediaries and management teams to run the business on a day-to-day basis. It generates a “primary agent” risk, which many people are hesitant to take.

It all depends on your personal preference:

  • Earn passive income, but you’ll have to rely more on other parties.
  • You will control your finances, but you will be required to do more managerial duties.

If you have the passion and expertise, you’ll probably do better with the second option.

Building Wealth through Leverage 

It is easier to secure a long-term fixed-rate mortgage with a low interest rate to fund most of the rental operation. Rental investors frequently use this strategy to optimize returns, and it can involve up to 4-to-1 leverage. It can lead to excessive risk-taking; but, even with a more appropriate 2-to-1 leverage.

If you can finance your rental property at 2-to-1 leverage, pay a 3-4 percent mortgage rate, and acquire a 7-10 percent yielding property with a 3 percent annual appreciation potential, you will have annual returns that considerably beat the stock market indexes. The average annual returns in this situation would be closer to 15 percent.

Stock investors can also use margin to leverage their stock investments, but this is a much riskier strategy because,

  • Margin debt does not have the same favourable terms as mortgages
  • Stocks are not as consistent as rentals
  • The underlying companies are already relying on debt to fund their operations.

Taxation Benefits

It’s difficult to deny that rental properties are more tax-efficient than stock investments when it comes to taxes. Rental investors can depreciate their properties from the first year onwards, lowering their revenue with a non-cash charge. They can also deduct all other property-related expenses from their income, including interest. The amount of taxes a rental investor pays will vary depending on the circumstances, but many investors can earn cash flow thoroughly tax-free.

Stock investors will not benefit from depreciation and may face a higher tax burden, but they can take advantage of tax-deferred accounts.

Purchasing a Rental Property vs. Stocks: What’s the Risk?

Risk is highly subjective, and how one assesses it will differ from one investor to another. According to stock investors, rental properties need a lot of effort, tenants may damage the property, rents may go unpaid, and you may even be sued.

Read More:Real Estate Or Stocks Which Will Make You Richer

On the other hand, Rental investors will warn you that stocks are exceedingly volatile, that you have little influence over them, and speculators dictate that market performance.

Both of these are essentially right, and it all simply comes down to the investor’s personal preference. However, from a risk standpoint, rental investors have two substantial benefits versus stock investors:

  • Rental revenue is reasonably steady and reliable. Because it is vital to have a roof over your head, rental investors are likely to profit even during the recession.
  • Rental properties are particularly effective inflation hedges. As replacement costs rise, the property’s value is connected to inflation, and the tenant’s rent is increased upward.

Stocks can also deliver these benefits, though usually to a lower degree or in a less direct manner. So you know now that you should buy a rental property instead of investing in stocks.


We at Sigma Properties advise you to take this decision exclusively based on your risk tolerance and the expected return on your investment over the next ten years. Not everyone is suited to rental investment. They necessitate more significant effort and accountability, as well as being less liquid. However, there is no doubt that more entrepreneurial investors who are prepared to put in the work have an ultimate chance of earning more superior returns.

2021 is one of the few times in history when the conditions for holding both stocks and real estate at the same time have never been more vigorous. The real estate sector in 2021 will flourish because of the after-effects of the pandemic, so if you own properties, you’ll be in a great position to own an asset that will always be in demand for many years to come.

University Town Islamabad

University Town Islamabad

The University Town Islamabad is a visionary mammoth undertaking rising to touch the skies. The investors call it a raw diamond, having lots of potential that is hidden away. It enjoys a location in the Capital and has spectacular, natural views surrounding it.

Developers and Owners

It is a project by Mr. Abdul Aziz Khan. He a professor in Peshawar, Pakistan. Mr. Aziz’s efforts in developing this amazing housing society are admirable, despite his lack of previous real estate experience.

University Town Islamabad Location

The University Town Islamabad Location is a fascinating one. It is situated on the Srinagar Highway (previously known as Kashmir Highway) close to the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway Interchange. It is also at a 5 minutes’ drive from the New Islamabad International Airport.

The location of the society is not only inviting, but also convenient to Islamabad City; it is only at a 10-minutes’ drive from zero points, Islamabad. While it is under the jurisdiction of Rawalpindi, it is near the CDA regions I-17, H-17, and G-13 in Islamabad.

University Town is bordered by Eighteen Islamabad, one of Pakistan’s most famous and large-scale housing developments, while Blue World City, Top City, Lahore Smart City, and Qurtaba City are all only a 10-minute drive away.


This residential project is built on a rural land previously known as Bajnial in Rawalpindi and spans a total area of around 4500 Kanal.

NOC Document Approval

The housing society was first founded in 1992, but it was only officially launched in 2005 after receiving planning approval and NOC document. The NOC of University Town has been approved by the RDA against the no. RDA: RDA/MP & TE/F – PHS – 43/1873 dated 9/05/2006.

University Town Islamabad Map

The map below shows that this brilliant housing society is located on the left side of the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway, M-2, just before the toll plaza if you are heading from Islamabad to Lahore. This is a map of the promising housing scheme.

University Town Islamabad Blocks

For giving the inhabitants an advantageous aspect, University Town has been divided into six blocks, each designated A, B, C, D, E, and F. The housing society has built half of the blocks, while the other half is still being developed.

University Town Islamabad Master Plan

University Town spans over a land of 7500 Kanal and offers residential and commercial plots for sale in a variety of price ranges to appeal to everyone who shares their ideology. The master plan of University Town Islamabad shows strategic marvel, the society will be capable of providing the residents with every amenity they may need and a lot more. It is an excellent option for those looking for a low-cost, high-return property investment because of its location, community, and amenities.

The master plan contains:

  • Entry System Security
  • Jamia Mosques
  • Commercial Hub
  • Playgrounds and Parks
  • Stations for Sewage Disposal
  • Metro Route
  • Educational Institutions
  • Underground Utilities
  • Medical Centres and Hospitals

Development Status

The University Town has completed 80% of its development; Blocks ‘A, B, and D’ have been completely built and plots have been handed over to the customers, while construction on the remaining blocks is progressing at a rapid rate. The following is the status of the remaining blocks:

  • E-block is 80 percent complete, the underground utility work is ongoing.
  • C block is 40% complete, the earthwork is in progress.
  • F block is still in the early stages of development.

For your better understanding, the following is a detail of the construction work in all of the society’s blocks:

Progress in Blocks A, B and D

A, B, and D blocks are the established blocks in the community. The houses in these blocks have been completed, and the residents are living in peace and comfort. These areas have everything you need, including water supply, gas, electricity, carpeted roads, and paved streets. For the amusement of children, a park with a variety of swings has been developed in these areas.

Progress in Blocks E, F and C

The society’s E, F, and C blocks are still in progress. The plotting and levelling of the land in E block is in full swing, with the most up-to-date equipment being used. C and F Blocks are the next in line to be developed. In 1 to 1.5 years, the development of these blocks is expected to take place.

Possession of Plots

The plots in the A, B, and D Blocks of the society are available for immediate possession, but the plots in the developing blocks will not be available until the construction work is done. Possession of plots in the E block is expected to be granted in the next 6 months to 1 year time. The possession of plots in the remaining C and F blocks of the society will take longer.

University Town Islamabad Plot Prices

Residential Prices

We are providing you with the price range requested by investors for residential plots in the society so that you can better understand the current prices.

Residential plots of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal are available at affordable prices in University Town.

  • The sale price of a 5 Marla plot is around 20 to 24 Lac.
  • The sale price of a 10 Marla plot is around 20 to 35 Lac.
  • The sale price of a 1 Kanal plot is around 50 to 65 Lac

Commercial Prices

University Town Islamabad is offering investors the chance to invest in its commercial zone. Commercial plots in the lodging society can be purchased on simple instalments with a 25% down payment.


  • The above rates do not include the costs of category plots, such as corner, park facing, and main road plots.
  • All additional fees must be paid within 180 days of the booking.
  • Provisional ownership of units in the commercial zone will be granted before the contractor receives the final payment.
  • The management of the society will seek payment of the documentation fees and service charges on demand.

How to Book a Plot in University Town?

In order to book a plot, visit the Sigma Properties website or come meet us in person for any further consultancy you may need. Your inquiries are our priority. The documents you will require are:

  • 2 passport size pictures
  • A copy of your ID card
  • A CNIC copy of Next of Kin or nominee
  • Booking amount is entertained in the form of pay order, cash or a direct deposit in the company’s account.

University Town Islamabad Market Trend

It is a worthwhile housing society that has managed to remain afloat in the toughest of times that the real estate market of Islamabad faced. Despite the fact that the scheme is not as exorbitant as the other housing societies in the area such as Taj Residencia nor that the prices in University Town have risen dramatically like B-17 Multi-Gardens, the society has maintained a smooth and steady business in the real estate market.

Why Invest in University Town Islamabad?

 Practicable Rates

The rates provided in this project are extremely affordable and cost-effective as compared to other housing societies in the region. Eighteen Islamabad, Pakistan’s most expensive housing society, shares a border with this project, but the prices of the two societies are vastly different.

Favourable Investment Opportunity

The society has received all the required NOCs and planning permits from the relevant departments and authorities, making it a risk-free and reliable investment opportunity.

This housing society has endured the difficult business conditions in the real estate market due to the prime location and appealing rates of this project; not only that, but the prices of the property suddenly increased due to the rise in demand, leaving its investors with profitable returns.

An unparalleled living experience awaits you at this lodging society with first-rate amenities to be had.

Vicinity of New Islamabad International Airport

The value of the properties near the New Islamabad International Airport is significantly high. Since this housing society is just 5 minutes away from the airport, it has reaped significant benefits from the situation. The prices of properties in this housing venture have increased by 1-15 percent in Islamabad’s real estate sector. The project’s investors have benefitted from the situation and profited handsomely on their savings.

Popular Housing Societies Nearby

The worth of this housing society has been enhanced by the proximity to Eighteen Islamabad, Faisal Town, Top City, Mumtaz City, and the New Islamabad International Airport. Eighteen Islamabad, the housing society closest to this one, has enticing prospects of becoming Pakistan’s most elite housing society, not just in Islamabad but throughout the country.

Adaptable to Population Shift

Islamabad’s population has recently shifted to the outskirts of the city, as the fast-paced life of the city no longer appeals to the masses who wish to live in peace and comfort. This society provides safe and appropriate accommodations with all necessary amenities. For comfortable and stress-free living, this society provides safe and suitable accommodations with all basic amenities such as 24/7 power supply, contemporary sewage system, health care centres and a lot more.

Pros and Cons


 High Potential of Success

With its eco-friendly and naturally blessed surroundings, University Town has the potential to become one of the most beautiful housing projects in the area. The breath-taking views of lush greenery all around it entices people who wish to raise their families in a tranquil environment.

The Metro Bus Route

The newest Metro Bus route runs right alongside this society, making travel even more convenient. This route will link all areas of Islamabad city to the airport and the Rawalpindi regions, and it has become one of the society’s main selling points.

Underground Electricity

Those living in the city are fed up of the power outage, so for the convenience of the residents, the University Town Islamabad has provided an uninterrupted electricity supply.

Quick Possession

There is not a long period of waiting for the possession of plots in University Town Islamabad, unlike the other lodging societies that are still under development and must give possession to their clients after 3 to 4 years’ time.

Gainful Long-Term and Short-Term Investment

Due to its perfect location, direct NOC, breath taking views, and most affordable rates, this society is a golden opportunity for both short and long term investment. The properties in the society are very easy to trade because of the standard sizes of the plots.


Low Quality Development

In contrast to lodging societies like Capital Smart CityPark View City and Discovery Gardens Islamabad, the development quality of University Town Islamabad is lower but then, it is the more affordable and convenient choice at the same time.

Inexperienced Owner

Mr. Abdul Aziz Khan is new to the real estate world, which is the reason that the development stage of this lodging society is still on going. Even so, he has managed to keep the development of the work steady and smooth, which is praiseworthy.


1- Where is University Town Islamabad located?

It is located on the Srinagar highway, formerly known as Kashmir Highway right next to the M-2 Lahore Islamabad Motorway.

2- Who is the owner of University Town Islamabad?

Mr. Abdul Aziz Khan is the owner of this project, he is a professor in Peshawar.

3- What is the total area of the society?

The lodging society has an area of 7500 Kanal.

4- Which plot sizes are available?

In the residential blocks of the society, plots of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal are available, as well as plots of various sizes in the commercial zones.

5- Is there gas availability in the society?

Yes, Sui Gas pipelines are installed for the residents and there will be no load shedding of it.

6- When will the possession be given?

The plots in the developed blocks (A, B, and D) can be taken immediately, while the possession time in the developing blocks (C, E, and F) ranges from 6 months to 1.5 years.

7- What is the instalment plan?

The housing project is old and dependable, and it does not have an instalment plan for residential plots. Residential plots in the society may be bought by paying the full price up front, but the society does have a simple instalment plan for commercial plots to meet the needs of investors.


ICHS Town Islamabad

ICHS Town Islamabad

 ICHS Town Islamabad

Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society, ICHS is a fine gemstone, one that exists solely for the needs of the individuals having low incomes or have a limited budget. In the midst of high profile housing societies, the clients have ICHS Town to count on because of the extremely affordable residences.


It was established in 1989 and is managed by the Islamabad Cooperative Housing Scheme. A group of government officials took the initiative so it is a semi-government project launched for the provision of a standard and comfortable lifestyle for moderate-income households.

ICHS Town Location

ICHS Town is located near Tarnol and Fateh Jang, and is just at a 5-minutes’ drive from the New Islamabad International Airport. It is also at a 30 minutes’ drive from the Zero Point Interchange in Islamabad. The main Srinagar Highway, previously known as Kashmir Highway, provides a direct access to the ICHS Town Location. It can also be reached via Kasana Dam Road and Airport Cargo Road.

Achievement of NOC Document

ICHS Town is approved by the Town Municipal Administration of Pakistan. The society is registered under registration number 313, with the ICT administration cooperative societies department. The following are the remaining details:

  • Registration No. 313, Co-operative Societies Department, ICT, Islamabad.
  • NOC No. 567/SL/N-I/TP/TMAF from Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA), Fateh Jang.
  • NOC No.6/53/Misc./D-28/2008 from Ministry of Defence, Government of Pakistan.
  • NOC No. HQCAA/1124/44/ATS (P/C) 2693 from Civil Aviation Authority, Headquarters, Karachi.
  • NOC No. DD(EIA)EPA/F-80(IEE)/0307/2009/2892 from Environmental Protection Department, Government of Punjab

ICHS Town Islamabad Master Plan

ichs town master plan

The ICHS town covers a land of 1500 Kanal. The ICHS Master Plan was initially divided into two phases. Later on, it was extended to six sectors. This area is particularly reserved for residential plots. The majority of the plots are of 1 Kanal and 10 Marla in size.

Following the revision of the ICHS master plan, 5 Marla and 7 Marla plots are also available now on a simple instalment plan. Separate areas, have been set aside for commercial operations in different plot sizes. For investors, 4 Marla commercial plots are obtainable.

ICHS Town Islamabad Map

The map of ICHS Town is shown below

Location Map of ICHS town

Society Features

 ICHS may not be as sumptuous, but it does have all of the essential amenities for a comfortable lifestyle. Residents of ICHS Town have access to the following basic services:

  • Gated City
  • Underground Power
  • Water and gas supply
  • Sewerage System
  • Carpeted Roads
  • Green Belts Along The Roads
  • Jogging And Cycling Trails
  • Miniature Golf Course
  • A main boulevard of 162 feet width.
  • Recreation clubs
  • Commercial Areas
  • Mosques
  • Hospitals
  • Educational Institutions
  • Parks

ICHS Islamabad Payment Plan

Bookings begin at PKR 50,000 as a down payment, according to the ICHS Town Price Plan. The prices of the plots started at PKR 680,000. Initially, the majority of plots were only open to those who paid in full.

Following a rethink, a limited number of plots of 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal are currently available on a 14-month instalment plan.

Payment Plan

The latest payment plan is as follows:

Important Note

  • Both corner plots and plots on Main Boulevard will be charged an extra 10% premium over the scheme’s estimated rate.
  • Residential plots are only allotted for residential purposes, and non-compliance with this definition would result in the allotment being cancelled.
  • Government and semi-government workers, Overseas Pakistanis, retired Pakistani officers, disabled, widows, and orphans shall receive special discounts from the housing society.

Plot Possession

In the first phase, the society shall grant plot possession in 6 to 10 months; however, the extension block would take longer because it is a new block, the construction work and other formalities would take time. Until handing over ownership of the plots, the housing society’s management is asking for two to three years.

Development Status

The phase 1 of the construction is nearly complete, with 50 percent of the work completed on sewerage pipes, road networks and electricity lines. But the construction work in phase 1 is extremely slow; it will take at least 2 to 3 years to complete the earthwork alone.

The rate of growth in ICHS has been sluggish in recent years, but since the opening of the New Islamabad International Airport, the society’s management has picked up the pace significantly. The increased economic development in the area as a result of the CPEC Route passing close to this society has opened several doors and attracted a large number of developers and investors.

The recent development in the area has resulted in higher prices in society. Water, gas, underground power, and telephone lines are all installed. The carpeted roads that link all parts of the society, as well as the state-of-the-art 160-foot-wide Main Boulevard, have been completed. The main entrance gate and the boundary wall that surrounds the housing project have also been completed.

The solar lights on the Main Boulevard have been installed to make the housing society more environmentally sustainable. The region is also equipped with a water and sewerage disposal system. As previously stated, all of the construction, when combined with the amenities provided by the project and the modern infrastructure, increases the value of property for its residents at reasonable rates.


 Market Trend

The market trend has shifted dramatically as a result of the rapid urban migration. The cost of living and doing business in the Twin Cities is rapidly rising. As a result, the establishment of lodging societies like ICHS is critical for the middle class consisting of the low-income citizens.

It is recognized as one of the most cost-effective housing schemes in the Capital’s vicinity. It plans to house 35 to 40 thousand people while also supplying them with modern amenities and services.

How to Book a Plot in ICHS Town Islamabad?

In order to book a plot, contact us at Sigma Properties. The documents you will need are as follows:

  • 2 copies of CNIC of applicant
  • A CNIC copy of Next of Kin or nominee
  • 2 passport size pictures
  • Booking amount can be paid in the form of a pay order, cash or a direct deposit in the company’s account.

 Why ICHS Town Islamabad?

The provision of luxurious facilities has contributed to the trend of settling into housing societies. ICHS Town stands out among the rest of the housing societies because of the ideal pricing methodology it has adopted. It provides people from all socioeconomic backgrounds with equal opportunities to live a better life.

Prime Location

One of the biggest selling points of this housing society is its unique position at the crossroads of three major cities: Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Fateh Jang. ICHS Town contains breathtaking views of the renowned Margalla Hills as it is in a favorable proximity to the capital. It’s also just a few minutes’ drive away from the CPEC route, the motorway, and the New International Islamabad Airport which has piqued the attention of its viewers.

Feasible Payment Plans

When investing money in property, one should consider the future returns on the investment. A plausible reason to put your money into ICHS Town Islamabad is that it offers a wide range of regular plot sizes and a simple payment plan for their attainment.

Plots range in size from 5 Marla to 1 Kanal and are available in both residential and commercial blocks of the society, allowing you to invest in the format that best suits you.

Modest Rates

The affordable pricing has significantly lead to an increase in attention and activity towards ICHS Town Islamabad. Investors who understood the project’s true potential and invested early in the lodging society are reaping the benefits of the increased land value and profit.

Latest Facilities

ICHS Town Islamabad does not include the lavish amenities offered by the high-profile lodging societies like Eighteen Islamabad and Park View City, yet it does have all of the basic necessities for a comfortable lifestyle, such as water, gas, electricity, shopping malls, cinemas, parks, schools and hospitals, making it an ideal place.

CPEC Route’s Bright Future Prospects

Due to its proximity to the CPEC Route, there is no doubt that this housing project has endless possibilities and prospects. Even if you do not wish to use it for residential purposes, investing in this project is a smart idea, as the commercial prospects of the ICHS Town Islamabad are exceptional.

In the coming years, the area will be transformed into a major business center, making it extremely difficult to obtain any property in the area. As a result, we strongly encourage you to invest in the society and reap the benefits of your investment for the years to come.

Natural and Tranquil Surroundings

ICHS Town Islamabad enjoys a natural setting that is free of pollution and noise. The breathtaking views of the Margalla Hills make for an excellent and interesting residential opportunity for those seeking a calm and quiet atmosphere free of the worries and stress of daily life.

Pros and Cons


Upgraded Quality of Life

At ICHS Town Islamabad, you can avail total privacy, serenity and joy away from the city life. There are many who detest the city commotion, so this lodging society is perfect for them. ICHS Town is not only endowed with natural beauty and modern facilities, but it is also located away from the noise and pollution of major cities.

Distinctive Discount Packages

The inventive minds behind this lodging society extend their doors for people of all socioeconomic backgrounds. ICHS Town Islamabad provides generous discounts to government and semi-government workers, Overseas Pakistanis, retired Pakistani officers, disabled people, widows and orphans, allowing them to afford the plots of their dreams and live a better life.

Adjacency to the Airport

Since the lodging society is at an auspicious distance from the New Islamabad International Airport, the investors have targeted it as their main goal. The dwellers will never need to worry about missing their flights or being late to pick up their dears from the airport.

Provision of All Basic Amenities

In some areas of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, the residents are irritated by the load shedding of power and gas, noise pollution, unsanitary living conditions and traffic problems. To cater their needs, ICHS Town provides a neat and clean environment filled with lush greenery and the 24/7 availability of power, gas and water as well.

Family Oriented Atmosphere

We deal with an enormous number of clients coming from diverse backgrounds, and we see that there is an element which they all ask for, a family-friendly atmosphere to raise their children. ICHS Town provides exactly that, free from the city pollution and mayhem.


A Humble Infrastructure

Surely ICHS Town would not have an infrastructure like that of Taj Resdiencia or Discovery Gardens Islamabad but it fulfils the basic needs of the citizens. So it is still advantageous to live in this lodging society instead of the hustling bustling life of the city.


 Q1.What is the ICHS Town Islamabad?

Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society known as ICHS, is a lodging society designed for the middle-class families who prefer quality and excellence.

Q2.Where is ICHS Town located?

The lodging society is located near the Fateh Jang Road, at a beneficial distance from Islamabad’s zero point. It is only 4 kilometres from Islamabad’s New International Airport and approximately 3 kilometres from the CPEC route.

Q3.Is it approved by TMA?

Yes. The lodging society is approved by the Town Municipal Administration of Pakistan.

Q4.What is the total area?

The housing project covers a land of 1500 Kanal.

Q5.Who is the owner?

The 22 Grade Government Officers are the developers of ICHS Town. It is a venture of the Islamabad Cooperative Housing Scheme.

Q6.What is the distance of the lodging society from the cities surrounding it?

The cities near ICHS Town are as follows:

  • Fateh Jang is at a distance of 20 Km
  • Islamabad Zero Point is at a distance of 42 Km
  • Motorway is at a distance of 15 Km
  • Rawalpindi is at a distance of 37 Km
  • Murree is at a distance of 77 Km
  • Gandhara is at a distance of 42 Km
  • Abbottabad is at a distance of 112 Km

Q7.Will the society provide water, electricity and gas supply?

Yes, the residents will have access to power, water and gas 24/7.

Q8.What is the size of the residential plots?

The residential plots are available in the following sizes:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Q9.Are commercial plots available?

Yes, commercial plots are available on an instalment plan.

Q10.Is this society good for long term investment?

This venture presents a fantastic medium to long-term investment opportunity. To get the most out of your savings, it is best to reserve your plot in the lodging society now and place it on hold for a few years.

Q11.What is the instalment plan?

Yes, there is a manageable instalment plan for the residents, it is attached above.

Q12.Are there any discounts for government employees?

Yes, there are altruistic discount rates for semi-government employees, retired government employees, Overseas Pakistanis, orphans, widows and disabled citizens.

Mumtaz City Islamabad

Mumtaz City Islamabad

Mumtaz City Islamabad

Mumtaz City is a rising star in the sky of real estate, it is a brilliant lodging society brought into existence by the Mumtaz Construction Company (Pvt.) Limited. It enjoys an exceptional location with a view of the ever beautiful Margalla Hills.

Developers and Owners

Mumtaz Construction Company (Pvt.) Ltd. (MCC) is a nationally recognized civil engineering firm accredited by the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) as category “A,” No Limit, and ISO 9001-2008. The company was established in 1982. The company’s headquarters are located in Islamabad’s I/10 Industrial Estate. Mumtaz Construction Company (Pvt.) Ltd. (MCC) has come a long way to represent dedication, distinction, and professional excellence by fulfilling the challenging, extra-ordinary work requirements of high engineering, national, and international projects.

Over the past 28 years, it has been involved in civil, electrical, and mechanical works of international significance. Some of their works are:

  • Roads and bridges
  • Buildings
  • Concrete Repairs
  • Civil Engineering
  • Drainage System
  • Pilling and Soil Investigation

Mumtaz City Location

The location of Mumtaz City is a beneficial one because of its closeness to the New Islamabad International Airport. Srinagar Highway (previously called Kashmir Highway) Extension, Motorway Link Road, and Fateh Jang Road are some of the major link roads that lead to it. It is also connected to the Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway M1 and Islamabad-Lahore Motorway M2.

The lodging society is 2 minutes away from the Tarnol Fateh Jhang Road. Capital Smart City and Top City are two other well-known ventures in the vicinity of Mumtaz City.

NOC Approval

The NOC of Mumtaz City is approved by RDA. It was issued on 9th October, 2018. According to a notification issued in April 2020, the society has begun granting provisional ownership of possession-able plots and has advised buyers to obtain a plot register by visiting the housing society Site Office.

Mumtaz City Master Plan

master plan of mumtaz city

Mumtaz City covers an area of 3000 Kanal. It comprises of the following four blocks,

  • Indus Block
  • Executive Block
  • Chenab Block
  • Ravi Block

In each of these blocks, there are residential plots, commercial plots, farmhouses, residences, open spaces, and public buildings.

Mumtaz City Map

The map of the society is given below:

location map of mumtaz city


The Society offers world-class amenities and a lot more, including:

  • Community Clubs
  • Gyms and fitness clubs
  • Commercial Areas
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Educational Institutes
  • Parks and play areas
  • Underground utilities
  • Solar-powered street lights
  • Electric power plant
  • Security surveillance

Mumtaz City Payment Plan

The prices of residential plots in Mumtaz City are shown by the table below. The plots are available on a direct cash payment instead of an instalment payment.

Plot Size Range of Prices
5 Marla (25*50) 38-45 Lac
7 Marla (30*60) 48-60 Lac
10 Marla (35*70) 75-90 Lac
1 Marla (50*90) 1.20-1.50 Cr

 The commercial plots are available at prices ranging from PKR 150,000 to 200,000 per square yard.

 Development Status

The construction work in the society is nearly complete, and ownership has been granted. After the files are transferred and possession is given to the owners, the prices of residential and commercial properties are to rise. Mumtaz City, with its big roads and metropolitan improvements, will enjoy much greater popularity in the years to come as development continues.

Plot Possession

The great advantage of the society is that the plots are obtainable immediately and with the granted possession. This is another contributing factor to the popularity of the lodging society.

Mumtaz City Market Trend

The society has gained the investors’ interests, thus the market trend shows a significantly dazzling future. The demand for the plots in the society is rising dramatically due to the migration of the locals from the major cities to the outskirts. In the years to come, The Society is anticipated to be an unparalleled lodging society, a paradigm of quality and excellence for a future of prosperity.

How to Book a Plot in Mumtaz City?

For booking and further details, contact us at Sigma Properties. You will require the following documents:

  • 2 CNIC copies of Applicant
  • 2 passport size pictures
  • A CNIC copy of Next of Kin or Nominee
  • The booking sum can be paid in the form of a pay order, cash or a direct deposit into the account of the company.

Why Mumtaz City?

The creative minds behind this project wish to deliver an amalgamation consisting of the representation of the citizens’ true dream of a perfect city, a land where they can live with privacy and peace of mind, surrounded by tranquillity. The housing society project in Islamabad has realized this dream.

Suitable Location

The biggest plus point that the society has is the location it enjoys. Its position is advantageous due to its proximity to the New Islamabad International Airport. It is not too far from the Twin Cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Some of the major link roads that lead to it include the Srinagar Highway Extension, Motorway Link Road, and Fateh Jang Road. It is also connected to the M1 Islamabad-Peshawar and M2 Islamabad-Lahore highways.

Credible Developers

The Mumtaz Construction Company Private Limited has been trusted and relied on since 1982. They have delivered their promises countless times before and shall do so again. They have begun this venture with the objective of providing first-rate amenities and an ideal lifestyle to those who ask for it.

International Level Framework

The infrastructure of the society is highly advanced and standardized. The foundations, roads and houses will exhibit fine quality. The aim is to bring the excellence of world-wide mechanisms to the homeland.

Modern Features

The lodging society will ensure all basic features with a touch of quality are consisted in it, including the underground utilities, 24/7 security surveillance, healthcare facilities, commercial opportunities and a lot more.

Pros and Cons of Mumtaz City


Lifestyle of Quality

At the society, the residents shall avail a lifestyle equipped with quality in all spheres of it. They will have an access to everything that the residents might require to leave the city for, community centres, spas, restaurants, educational institutes, recreation areas.

Gated City

The residents belonging to the neighbouring cities have many complaints about lack of security of their property and cars. Society shall benefit them here too, as it is a gated city with 24/7 security measures and surveillance along with a team of guards assigned to every sector.

Proximity to Twin Cities

Should the residents feel a need to visit Islamabad or Rawalpindi, there will be no hassle for it as society is quite close to them. So the hubs of the cities can be easily accessed. An investment in the society shall benefit you in the long-run because the prices are only rising. Even if you do not wish to reside in the lodging society, you can choose to hold your property until it has reached its maximum potential to be sold out.


No Instalment Plan

Mumtaz City stands out from all else because of providing plots on a cash payment. Immediate arrangement of a large sum of cash can be troublesome. This is subjective, as many of our clients refrain from the lengthy instalment plans.


Q1.What is Mumtaz City?

Mumtaz City is a lodging society.

Q2.Where is the housing society located?

It is located on the Srinagar Highway, previously known as the Kashmir Highway and surrounded by the link roads.

Q3.Is the NOC of the society approved?

Yes the NOC is approved by RDA.

Q4.Who is the owner of this lodging society?

The lodging society is developed by the Mumtaz Construction Company (Pvt.) Limited.

Q5.What is the total area?

The total area of the society is 3000 Kanal.

Q6.Will electricity, water and gas be available?

Yes, the underground utilities of water, electricity and gas are available.

Q7.What is the instalment plan?

There is no instalment plan, the plots are available on immediate payment of cash.

Q8.What are the sizes of the residential plots?

The sizes of residential plots are as follows:

  • 5 Marla (25*50)
  • 7 Marla (30*60)
  • 10 Marla (35*70)
  • 1 Marla (50*90)

Q9.Is Mumtaz City good for long-term investment?

It is very good for long term investment since the property rates in the lodging society hold great value.

Q10.How can I book a plot in Mumtaz City?

Contact Sigma Properties with the necessary documents to book a plot.