Is Real Estate a Good Investment

Is Real Estate a Good Investment

Is Real Estate a Good Investment in 2021?

In 2021, the real estate investment will prove to be quite profitable. People have stopped investing in real estate properties because of the lower demand, and as a consequence, prices have fallen. Many people sold their homes or other sorts of properties for less than market value to have cash on hand for emergencies.  It is a terrific chance for individuals with savings to invest more in this market due to lower demand and lower prices. Consumers with savings are increasingly investing at low rates in order to profit at higher rates later. Pakistan’s real estate market appears to be doing well as a result of this investment.

For a variety of factors, 2021 will be a golden ye3ar for the real estate market. Some of the elements that make real estate an excellent investment include:

Significant Reduction in Property Taxes in 2021 

To lessen the pandemic’s economic impact, Pakistan’s government has cut borrowing rates and given tax breaks for investors and entrepreneurs. It’s a construction-industry stimulus plan with the dual goals of creating jobs for low-wage workers and increasing economic activity. Under the Naya Pakistan Housing Program, the package also contains additional incentives for builders and developers to provide low-cost housing for the underprivileged. The construction tax rate will be fixed, and they will eliminate withholding tax. It is illustrated that cement dispatches in the first half of the 2021 fiscal year totalled 29 million tons, up 16 per cent from 25 million tons in the first half of the previous fiscal year.

CPEC and Pakistan’s Real Estate Sector 

CPEC has shown to be a pioneer of economic development in Pakistan. Since connecting Gwadar ports to Kashgar, China has also altered the real estate industry. Both neighbouring countries will use this single link as a trading channel.

Due to CPEC’s colossal success, Pakistan’s real estate market has attracted investors from all over the world looking for a lucrative investment opportunity. As a result of this tendency, the number of real estate developments has increased significantly, as have the prices.

Economic Prosperity 

Pakistan’s real estate market contributes significantly to the country’s economy. Foreign investors and Pakistani investors are intrigued by the market’s potential and wish to invest here.

In the real estate industry, economic growth is critical. The price of real estate rises following economic growth. As a result of CPEC, job possibilities will expand, as will the demand for people to buy or rent properties near Gwadar. It will help the real estate industry tremendously.

Immigrants from China

As CPEC is a joint economic venture between China and Pakistan, numerous engineers from both nations are needed to construct the project in Gwadar.

The development of multiple minor cities, towns, and mini-projects along the belt must accommodate engineers and other workers. It is an exciting opportunity for the real estate market. The Chinese migration has had a significant impact on rental returns in significant cities, and this flow will continue to grow over time.

You may see the influence of Chinese immigrants in many lodging societies. Blue World City is a housing society created in conjunction with Chinese engineers and architects who developed the houses and apartments to allow the residents to live in luxury at convenient costs.

Earn Passive Income

Real estate investment is a way to generate passive income in 2021 if you’re looking for a way to do so. Real estate is one of the greatest cash flow assets because of its capacity to provide passive investment income. You can choose to have the rental property managed by a professional property management company.

Although employing a property manager will reduce your revenues, it will provide you more time to focus on other things. You also avoid dealing with tenants directly, as the property manager will handle it all for you. So, you can make income properties one of the finest cash flow investments in 2021.

Capital Appreciation 

Aside from monthly income flow, real estate appreciation makes it one of the top cash flow investments. If you keep the investment property, its value will rise over time. As a result, if you decide to sell, you will profit. Rents rise over time as well. Therefore, you’ll be able to generate even more cash flow in the future, ensuring that your rate of return remains constant or even rises over time.

Gold Prices are Unpredictable

Many people prefer to invest in gold since they can use it for a variety of purposes. However, the gold market has recently become quite chaotic this year. Its prices could increase to $2000 per ounce before beginning to fall rapidly. Many investors have stepped back because of this trend, believing that now is not the time to make a solid and safe investment in gold. They are investing in real estate instead, so Pakistan’s real estate market is growing.

Avoidance of Stock Markets 

It is advised that you refrain from investing in the stock market if you do not have sufficient knowledge about the shares, trade, or stock market. The stock market is highly volatile, necessitating split-second judgments about whether to sell or buy more shares. For many investors who are not ready to incur excessive risks, this is not a secure and safe investment.

Therefore, many investors have sold their stocks to invest in Pakistan’s real estate market in 2021.

Real Estate Cash Flow Stability

It isn’t easy to anticipate how much cash flow you’ll generate from most assets. But before you buy a piece of real estate, you may estimate the potential cash flow. You may count on monthly rental revenue if you buy a rental property in a suitable location and keep it occupied.

To figure out what your rental property’s cash flow will be, work out how much you’ll charge for rent and subtract the monthly rental expenses. During all unpredictable times, your investment in property remains the same. So, real estate is the best investment for 2021.


It might be challenging to decide which investment strategy to pursue because there are many options such as stocks, bitcoin or real estate. Real estate is one of the finest cash flow investments for 2021, as seen by the reasons mentioned above.

We at Sigma Properties recommend that in 2021, real estate is a powerful method to gain money and accumulate wealth. You will succeed if you conduct a thorough study and apply a wise real estate investment strategy.

Park view home

Park view home

Park view home

After spending a long day at work, nothing is better than returning to your beautifully decorated home. A home is a haven for creativity. The warmth of a house is necessary for anybody to create, think, and act in peace. It sounds impossible in a metropolis like Islamabad; who would have the time to leave work and get the house of their dreams built. So park view offers you your dream home.

A project of Park view city

Park View City in Islamabad Zone IV is a breath-taking vision project that the CDA has approved. The construction facility is located 400 meters from the community’s major highway, which connects it all together. This housing society is well-known among investors due to its beautiful environment and high-end amenities. The following plan is for families that wish to live in a welcoming and unique community in a family-friendly neighbourhood to be in the right place.

The residential and commercial housing standards in Park View City Islamabad are exceptional. Park View Homes is a popular layout and finishing name for villas and houses.

5 Marla home for sale in Park view

We bring you the best of what real estate has to offer, whether you’re looking to make a good investment or buy a home for yourself. You can purchase a property in Park View City – Sapphire Block to enjoy the conveniences of city life. For many people, owning a decent home is a dream come true, and yours can come true today if you take advantage of this opportunity. Are you looking for a property of a 5 Marla size? This is a well-liked solution. This home option is definitely a keeper, bearing in mind its cheap price tag. Take advantage of the fact that Park View properties are a fantastic investment.


  • Area: 5 marla
  • Location: Lahore
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 4
  • Servant quarter: 1
  • Kitchen: 2
  • Dining room: 1
  • Laundry room: 1
  • Price: 14000000


  • Electricity backup
  • Cable TV
  • Intercom
  • Mosque
  • Nearby school
  • Nearby hospital
  • Shopping mall
  • Maintenance staff
  • Security staff
  • Facilities for disables

6 Marla home for sale in Park view

Park View is well-known for having the best real estate opportunities. You’ll have a hard time finding a better deal in the region. One look at the 6 Marla home will convince you that it is the best, so make an appointment immediately. We can assist you in locating a location in Park View City – Jade Block. You can find a house on either the lower or upper levels, depending on your needs. Now is the time to buy your dream home and put an end to your worries about finding it because we have one for you like this.


  • Area: 6 marla
  • Location: Lahore
  • Bedrooms: 5
  • Bathrooms: 4
  • Storeroom: 1
  • Kitchen: 2
  • Dining room: 1
  • Laundry room: 1
  • Price: 13500000


  • Electricity backup
  • Cable TV
  • Intercom
  • Mosque
  • Nearby school
  • Nearby hospital
  • Shopping mall
  • Maintenance staff
  • Security staff
  • Facilities for disables

10 Marla home for sale in Park view:

The 10 Marla land provides the highest amount of space utility, allowing you and your family to live comfortably. If you’re looking for a home in Park View, this is the listing to see. This House in Park View City – Jasmine Block is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for both investors and purchasers, so take advantage of it while you can. It’s your ideal home that you’ve discovered for sale. Before it’s too late, take advantage of this newly listed property. Here’s a property that’s priced right at Rs 27,000,000.


  • Area: 10 marla
  • Location: Lahore
  • Bedrooms: 5
  • Bathrooms: 6
  • Powder room: 1
  • Servant quarter: 1
  • Kitchen: 3
  • Dining room: 1
  • Laundry room: 1
  • Price: 27000000


  • Electricity backup
  • Cable TV
  • Intercom
  • Mosque
  • Nearby school
  • Nearby hospital
  • Shopping mall
  • Maintenance staff
  • Security staff
  • Facilities for disables

How to buy park view homes:

To buy a home in park view is just a click away. If you want to buy a home, just click here or visit sigma properties with documents.

Documents required:

  • 2 photos
  • 2 copies of the CNIC of the applicant
  • 2 copies of CNIC of the nominee


I have discussed park view homes. Society has done it well with the decoration of the homes. It. all the dwellings are at affordable prices. The facilities you are searching for are available at your doorstep while living in those homes. I just suggest three models of homes. There are available more than three hundred furnished and well-equipped homes in the society. Come and satisfy the desire of owning your own house. If you want to spent the rest of your life comfortably and live in a tranquil and peaceful environment, visit sigma properties. We will lead you to your destination. You can also ask for help online if you face any obstacles. Just click on our website and know more about buying property.


Wooden Flooring in Pakistan

Wooden Flooring in Pakistan

Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring is a durable, aesthetic, and cost-effective interior floor covering. Wooden flooring in Pakistan is getting popular because it is essential for improving the appearance of a living area and making it more comfortable and appealing to the eyes. Choosing a type of wooden floor is primarily a matter of personal preference, which means there is no right or wrong answer. However, bringing some samples home and comparing them to your existing décor is a terrific approach to make the most of your decision. For your better understanding, let us go through the types of wooden flooring.

Wooden Flooring in Pakistan

Wooden flooring in Pakistan might be the most environmentally friendly alternative for remodelling your home. It is because the wood has distinctive properties. It can store carbon and remove it from the atmosphere. It is more lasting and sustainable than other flooring options. Unlike other flooring materials, the raw resources used to manufacture them – trees – can regrow after being chopped down, allowing the material to be harvested to be replaced. Given that steel and concrete materials demand a significant amount of energy to refine and produce, choosing wooden floors in Pakistan may be the most environmentally responsible option available because wooden flooring is quite easy to recycle compared to other flooring solutions.

We will help you narrow down your alternatives and make the best selection possible when choosing the right kind of flooring.

Wooden Flooring Rates and Options 

Wooden flooring in Pakistan comes in a variety of forms and styles to suit a variety of purposes and budgets. To enable you to understand better the many sorts of hardwood flooring available in Pakistan, we will first define each type of wooden floor in-depth, followed by a discussion of their prices per square foot:

  • Laminate Wood Floor
  • Hardwood Floor

Laminate Wood Floor 

Laminate flooring, commonly known as floating wood flooring, is a realistic replica of hardwood flooring. This type of flooring consists of multi-layer synthetic flooring material with a glowing imprint due to the lamination process and a photographic layer used as a finishing touch.

Among the rest of the new flooring options, this sort of flooring has a greater demand. Furthermore, home decorators and purchasers choose laminate flooring for several reasons, including the ease with which it is installed and the lower maintenance cost than hardwood flooring.

Where to Install Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is vulnerable to its environment, so it is critical to determine which locations are appropriate for it and where can it be maintained readily. Avoid placing laminate flooring in high-traffic areas and spaces prone to become messy, such as living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, because it is exceptionally water-sensitive and does not react well to liquid puddles. Thus, it is only natural that laminate wood flooring necessitates regions that don’t require frequent cleaning unless you have a waterproof core placed, which is excellent for wet areas.

Cost of Laminate Wood Floor 

A simple investment in laminate wood flooring may go a long way in terms of upkeep because it just requires a dry mop to freshen it up. F or budget-friendly flooring solutions, it is also reasonably cost-effective. Interwood currently sells laminate boards for PKR 175 to PKR 350 per square foot.

Benefits of Laminate Wood Flooring

Laminate Wood flooring is a good investment because of the following benefits it brings,

  • The installation and maintenance of laminate wood flooring require little effort.
  • It is easy to clean. A dry mop shall do the trick.
  • It is easily replaceable and simple to reinstall
  • It comes in a wide range of natural wood simulations.

Disadvantage of Laminate Wood Flooring

Laminate wood flooring is convenient in every way, but it has a drawback: Moisture can readily swell laminate wood floors. It means that it is susceptible to moisture and requires constant care.

Hardwood Floor 

Hardwood flooring also referred to as solid wood flooring, is comprised of actual wood. Each hardwood board usually is 18-20 mm dense and hardened. A hardwood floor may be a valuable addition to any home’s décor, especially now that the wooden floor trend is back in style. Solid wood flooring is irreplaceable for most purchasers and interior designers since it creates a trendy and sophisticated impression.

A solid wood floor is ideal for tenants since it can be laid anywhere, even over concrete. Because it is a refined version of wood, it can easily be cracked, dented, or tattered if not cared for properly.

Where to Install Hardwood Flooring?

People choose to install solid wood flooring in places where they may exhibit their opulence. Hardwood flooring is suggested for living rooms and bedrooms and anywhere with substantially stable humidity as too much moisture can ruin the woodwork.

Cost of Hardwood Floor

It is critical to know about the current alternatives before purchasing hardwood floor planks. Solid wood flooring in Pakistan is now made of oak, teak, and beech. Solid wood planks can cost anywhere from PKR 585 to PKR 680 per square foot on average.

Potential Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

Because hardwood planks are a polished version of wood, colour differences in each board are to be expected. It also has the following benefits if installed.

  • It gives your interiors a furnished and traditional look.
  • It is eye-catching and incredibly appealing.

Disadvantages of Hardwood Floor 

The disadvantages of hardwood floor are as follows,

  • Timely maintenance is required for solid wood flooring.
  • It amplifies sound, so it is not suitable for use on the second floor or in calm regions.
  • Solid wood flooring expands in humid environments and contracts in droughts.

A simple way to put everything together is that if you’re an environmentalist, using any wooden flooring in Pakistan makes more sense and is the least you can do to safeguard it.

Wood Floor Maintenance

After you have laid a wood floor, you will want to protect your investment. The regular cleaning and maintenance of your wooden floor are, in general, is a reasonably simple chore. Bear in mind that water is no friend for your hardwood flooring. When spills or leaks occur, it is best to clean them up as soon as possible.

To keep particles off the floor and prevent wear and tear, sweep and vacuum the floor frequently. Purchase a professional hardwood floor cleaning if you see any scuffs, scratches, or stains on your flooring.


Ten Reasons to Invest in Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi

Ten Reasons to Invest in Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi

Ten Reasons to Invest in Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi

Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi is a modernistic lodging society excelling in the provision of a luxurious lifestyle. It is laid in proximity to the twin cities of Rawalpindi and the Federal Capital. It is a jewel in the polishing and refining process, ready to captivate its keen investors.

An investment in Rudn Enclave will be the wisest decision of yours as it will benefit you for a lifetime. So, let us delve into the reasons to invest in Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi.

Exceptional Location 

The main reason to invest in the lodging society is that the jewel-like Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi possesses a significant location. In its surroundings, there are many rising housing projects approachable through access to the Chakri Road and Adiala Road, such as the Blue World City and Capital Smart City are falling at the backside of the housing scheme. Qurtuba City and Al-Makah City are also accessed through Chakri Road. There is also the Bahria Phase 8 Extension in front of Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi.

Begin your journey from Adiala Road. You will find Askari-14, Gulshanabad, the PIA Officers Housing Society, and the Army Welfare Trust or AWT spanning on a land of 8,000 to 10,00 Kanal, where they are known to be launching Askari-15 as well. Just a little distance after the AWT comes Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi with DHA 3 on its other side, along with the Islamabad Farmhouses.

The Ring Road proximity also adds to the housing society’s value as it makes it convenient to reach the New Islamabad International Airport through it.

Rudn Continental Hotel 

The venture designers have included the Rudn Continental Hotel in the master plan. It is planned to be a one-of-a-kind 4 star or 5-star hotel. The hotel will contain rooms of world-class standards, daily housekeeping, nightly turndown, multilingual staff, swimming pools, Jacuzzi, semi-open and outdoor restaurants, and spa. It seems to be the talk of the town, as the investors consider it a bonus point of investing their hard-earned money in the lodging society.

Rudn Heights 

The lodging society shall provide a visionary apartment living experience through Rudn Heights. These apartments will be equipped with car parking and valet services, laundry rooms, waste disposal, security services, lifts, water supply, electricity supply, and recreational activities such as gymnasiums, swimming pools, play areas for kids with adequate maintenance. It is undeniably one of the most favorable reasons to invest in this lodging society.

Jogging Tracks and Green Spaces 

The lodging society offers lush green parks and jogging tracks for joggers, with the cycling track separated. The aim is to cater to every need of the dwellers, and so even for their fitness needs, they will not have to leave the lodging society. Synthetic rubber – rubber particles bound with latex or polyurethane will construct the jogging and running tracks. On top of an asphalt or concrete base, the latex or polyurethane surface is typically put to a depth of about 1/2 inch.

Underground Utilities 

Underground pipelines in the housing scheme provide the utilities of water, electricity, and gas. The venture designers have opted for underground wiring because, without electricity wires, projects such as sidewalk widening and tree planting can go more smoothly. In addition, burying lines prevent fires, accidents, safety issues, and power outages caused by downed lines. It also enhances road safety by lowering the likelihood of motorists colliding with poles linked to electromagnetic radiation.

Widened Carpeted Roads

The roads in the lodging society shall be carpeted with asphalt and concrete to give an outlook of elegance. Road carpet can be utilized as an urgent solution for swiftly and effectively withstanding vehicle traffic. Different road sizes as planned and constructed in the lodging society are as follows,

  • Street size of 30 feet and 40 feet
  • Service roads of 60 feet
  • Boulevard of 100 feet
  • Main Boulevard of 200 feet

Collaboration with NESPAK 

The National Engineering Services Pakistan is serving the lodging society as the principal consultant. Their experts have designed the master plan of the housing society, which is an advantageous reason for investing in Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi. A collaboration with a semi-government organization such as NESPAK proves to boost the worth of the project, and that is being seen as the outcome for Rudn Enclave.

Education City 

The housing society has already proposed a school in every block. Still, in the future, they are planning to engage with a prospective company that will build an entire block dedicated to educational purposes. It is a proposition worth applauding as it has sky-high benefits for the residents and investors as well.

Khasala Dam 

The water bodies near the lodging society are the Sawan River, Khasala Dam, and the Java Dam. The Khasala Dam is a natural water body at an amazing nearness to Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi. The developers have obtained a legal lease on Khasala Dam as the three ends of it are linked with the lodging society. They plan to build a skywalk, water theme park, food courts, and recreational spots beside the Khasala Dam.

Food courts beside them, Khasala dam, have gotten on lease as the three ends of its water theme park and skywalk.

Jawa Dam 

The beautiful Jawa Dam is also in proximity to the lodging society. The dam is under Army control from one side. The Jawa dam jet-ski is one of the several water sports activities. The residents of Rudn Enclave can enjoy the spectacular views and enjoy the food courts that the planners of the housing project are building there. There will also be a yacht area, huts, and boating facilities adding in to the reasons to invest in Rudn Enclave.


The Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi is the rarest of jewels, one that you cannot miss out on investing and residing. It is an inventive lodging society managed by the renowned NESPAK and RMRSCO Pvt. Ltd. The high–end amenities and incredible living experience provided are the bonus points for investors. Sigma Properties insists that you buckle up for the life of your dreams at Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi.


Dream Valley Housing Scheme

Dream Valley Housing Scheme

The Dream Valley Housing Scheme is a precious jewel in the making, which will shine brightly to provide world-class amenities and a dreamy lifestyle. Dream Valley was developed with natural contours and is surrounded by the lovely green mountains of the Margalla. It will provide a luxury living experience unlike anything else.

Owners and Developers

The housing society is a project of the M/S Canyon Enterprises (Pvt.) Limited. The development work has been assigned to the N.U Builders and Developers (Pvt.) Limited. For a long period, N.U. Builders & Developers (Pvt.) Ltd has been reshaping Pakistan’s infrastructural identity. Their primary competencies include sustainable infrastructure and industrial development, residential and commercial project development, and project management.

By addressing the client’s requirements, N.U. Builders & Developers (Pvt.) Ltd. has come a long way to signify its commitments and professionalism. N.U. Builders & Developers has earned the trust of its clientele by its efficient and high-quality work. They are currently a well-established market force with a dedicated and professional staff.

N.U Builders and Developers (Pvt.) Limited

The N.U Builders and Developers (Pvt.) Limited has been operating since 2012 and has the necessary infrastructure to plan, design, and implement civil engineering projects. N.U Builders and Developers Pvt. Ltd is a SECP or Security & Exchange Commission of Pakistan-registered construction firm of national repute.

They provide a wide range of services including,

  • Master Planning
  • Urban Design
  • Structural Design
  • Transport Planning
  • Environmental Planning
  • Architectural Design
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Value Engineering
  • Tender and Contract Documentation
  • Project Management
  • Project Supervision
  • Disaster Management
  • Topographic Survey and Environmental Impact Survey

When working for their valued clients or when outsourced by engineers, architects, or interior design firms, they provide complete project management and a full turnkey service for any form of construction service. Contracting is one of their services, and they are also involved in commercial and industrial endeavours. Another excellent project by the N.U Builders and Developers is the Mall of Jhelum currently under construction.


The location of the lodging society is the most alluring and beautiful one. It is surrounded by the lush green hills of Margalla from all four sides, giving the housing society a competitive edge against other housing societies in the market such as Eighteen Islamabad, Capital Smart City and Discovery Gardens Islamabad.

The lodging society is lying immediately off the 22-kilometer Murree Expressway, adjacent to Golf City Islamabad. It is strategically placed on the Express Highway Murree with the Korang River flowing beside the lodging society. The Express Highway Murree or National Highway 75 (N75) was inaugurated in 2011. It is the most important highway in the province of Punjab as it connects the Federal Capital to the Kohala town via Murree.

Nearby Landmarks and Places

The landmarks near the lodging society are as follows,

  • Korang Valley
  • Country Club Apartments
  • Behram Dairy and Cattle Farm
  • Bismillah Hotel
  • Samblan
  • Dantar
  • Manga
  • Ajaib Market
  • Raja General Store
  • Murree Mall Road
  • Pakistan Secretariat Islamabad
  • Shakarparian

NOC and Planning Permission

The NOC of the lodging society been approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). You can confirm the legality from the website of RDA. The Tehsil Municipal Administration or TMA Murree has also cleared all legalities of the housing society paving way for its speedy development.

Master Plan

The master plan of the lodging society has been creatively designed, it is exciting to visualize what the real picture after effectuation is going to look like. The geography of the planned site is stunning. The terrain is primarily composed of small hillocks. The rolling hills that backdrop the housing scheme are giving its modernity a unique feeling. There is a proposed lake in the center of the lodging society with Dream Huts around it. The entire 5000 Kanal land acquired will be professionally developed and landscaped. A commercial area will be built in the center of the plan. To protect the housing scheme, the venture designers have constructed a perimeter wall.


The housing scheme is purposefully divided into the following sectors or blocks,

  • Block A
  • Block B
  • Block C
  • Block D
  • Block E
  • Block F
  • Block G

Residential Plots         

The sizes of residential plots offered by the lodging society are as follows,

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal


The sizes of farmhouses offered by the lodging society are as follows,

  • 2 Kanal
  • 4 Kanal

Development Status

The Dream Valley has shown a remarkable development in very less time. The work on the road carpeting of the streets has begun. The streets for the 5 Marla and 10 Marla houses are 30 ft. wide, the main boulevard is 80 ft. wide. Currently the main gateway of the lodging society is accessible from Express Highway Murree but in the future, there will be another entrance that will be accessible from the Chattar region where the renowned Chattar Park lies. After the construction as per the master plan is effectuated, the developers shall acquire an additional 2000 Kanal land for expansion and further development.

 Payment Plan

The lodging society has provided with a very convenient payment plan on three years of instalment. Let us take a look at the payment details of the residential plots and farmhouses.

 Payment Plan of dream valley farm houses

Residential Plots Payment Plan

The Dream Valley Residencia offers 5 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal plots at excellent payment plans.

A 5 Marla plot has a booking fee of PKR 200,000 along with a down payment of PKR 1000,000. The down payment includes the confirmation fee of PKR 500,000 that is payable within 30 days of booking. The monthly instalment has a total amount of PKR 33, 3333 and the yearly instalment amounts up to PKR 400,000.

A 10 Marla plot has a booking fee of PKR 350,000. The total down payment is PKR 1,750,000, with a confirmation fee of PKR 875,000 included in it, payable within 30 days of booking. The monthly instalment has a total amount of PKR 58,333 and the yearly instalment is of PKR 700,000.

A 1 Kanal plot has a booking fee of PKR 600,000 with a down payment of PKR 3,000,000. The confirmation fee is included in the down payment, it is PKR 875,000 payable within 30 days of booking. The monthly instalment amounts up to PKR 100,000 and the yearly instalment is of PKR 1,200,000.

 Farmhouses Payment Plan

The Dream Valley Farms offers 2 Kanal and 4 Kanal plots at advantageous payment plans.

A 2 Kanal plot is available at the booking cost of PKR 900,000 with a down payment of PKR 4,500,000. The down payment contains a confirmation cost of PKR 2,250,000 that is payable within 30 days of booking. The monthly instalment is PKR 150,000 and the yearly instalment is PKR 1,800,000.

A 4 Kanal plot is obtainable at the cost of PKR 1,500 with a down payment of PKR 7,500,000. The confirmation cost included in the down payment is PKR 3,750,000 payable within 30 days of booking. The monthly instalment is PKR 250,000 and the yearly instalment is PKR 3,000,000.

Points to Know:

  • The booking sum is non-refundable.
  • You can avail a 10% discount if you pay the full amount.
  • The main boulevard plots come with extra charges of 50%.
  • The corner plots come with extra charges of 15%.
  • There are 15% extra charges of total amount for development.

How to Book a Plot?

Get in touch with us at Sigma Properties to book your plot today. You will require the documents mentioned below,

  • 2 Copies of CNIC of Applicant
  • 2 Photos of Applicant
  • 2 Copies of CNIC of Nominee


The housing society provides world-class amenities to its residents including the following,

Underground Utilities

The lodging society has a system of underground utility provision. Fires, accidents, safety issues, and power outages caused by downed lines are all avoided by underground lines of utilities. This also enhances road safety by lowering the chances of automobiles colliding with poles, reducing the prevalence of health issues linked to electromagnetic radiation.

 System of Rain Water Conservation

The system that collects and stores rain water for human use is known as rainwater harvesting or collecting system. Rain water harvesting is the best feasible alternative and supplementary source of water. The weather of Islamabad is unpredictable with rainy days more often, so this system would work easily. The housing society shall set up a proper system of rain water conservation for the betterment of the residents.

Pedestrian and Cycling Friendly

The housing society will contain a network of bicycle lanes. Living in a neighborhood with sidewalks, secure public areas, and nearby amenities is one approach to save humanity since it encourages residents to walk instead of driving everywhere. Residents can save a significant portion of their earnings, which they will most likely spend on car maintenance, gas, or fuel. Residents may be more willing to invest in local businesses as a result of their greater savings, which will assist the economy in the short and long term.

Maintenance and Servicing 24/7

The basic goal of the housing society is to create an innovative living experience. The management shall tackle all housing society maintenance concerns timely and efficiently. These issues may include resident complaints, a scarcity of resources and broken or malfunctioning facilities.

Solar Energy Plant

Pakistan has an average of eight to nine hours of sunlight each day, which are excellent climatic conditions for large-scale solar power generation. So the venture designers of the housing scheme have included a solar energy plant to eliminate greenhouse gases and protect eco-systems and the forests in vicinity to the housing society.

The developers are planning on signing an agreement with a notable organization for the production of 1 MW electricity. The aim is also to offer solar jobs. Manufacturing, installing, monitoring, and repairing solar panels are just a few of the occupations available, as are research and design, development, cultural integration, and policy positions.

Electronic Waste Management System

The housing society shall efficiently tackle the issue of e-waste. Any disposed electronic equipment is referred to as e-waste. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), direct contact with harmful compounds that leach from e-waste can cause health problems. Since the residents will continue to acquire new devices, the developers will reinforce the concept that older models should be recycled rather than discarded.

Transportation System

There will be a transportation system within the housing society for the ease of the residents especially the elderly in need of frequent movement in the housing society. Moreover, the transportation system will be linked to the mass transit transportation system.

Salient Features

The salient features of the lodging society are as follows,

  • Panoramic views of the Margalla Hills.
  • Eco-Friendly Environment
  • Ultra-luxury bedrooms
  • Beautiful interior and exterior.
  • Upgraded Water distribution system.
  • Well-Designed firefighting systems.
  • Spacious kids play area.
  • Theme parks.
  • Backup electricity generator for lifts.
  • Each apartment has its own gas and electricity supply.
  • Convenient garbage chutes and waste disposal methods.
  • 24/7 security surveillance.
  • Imported fitting and finishes.
  • Green areas are used to maximize open space.
  • Landscapes and leisure amenities in a variety of styles.
  • Roads constructed in a grid layout.

 Why Dream Valley Housing Scheme?

The gem-like housing society shall redefine the concept of a luxurious way of life. It has all the hallmarks of a standard city life filled with the air of serenity and modernism. So take the plunge, you will reap the benefits of a lifetime.

The Attractions of Murree

The lodging society has a fair advantage of being in proximity to Murree, the Queen of Hill Stations. It is Pakistan’s most popular hill station, defined by tall pine and oak forests, fresh breezes, picturesque upward vistas, hilly backdrop, colonial buildings reflecting rich cultural heritage, and spectacular views from chair-lift rides. The many attractions that Murree provides are as follows,

  • Murree Patriata Pakistan
  • Ayubia
  • Murree Mall Road
  • The Kashmir Point
  • Bhurban
  • Ghora Gali
  • Nathia Gali
  • Rawat
  • Upper Topa and Lower Topa
  • Pindi Point

As soon as the hot summers get intolerable, travelers from all over the country and abroad go to the northern areas, where adventurers tackle some of Pakistan’s most dangerous yet beautiful hiking paths. Murree, however, remains the most popular tourist destination among all of these.

So, while those living in the distant cities of Pakistan have to wait for vacations to visit Murree, the residents of Dream Valley will be able to visit it whenever they would like to.

Modern High-Rise Living

The housing society is currently focusing on modern architectural development and high-rise living. In comparison to other locations in Punjab, Islamabad is one of the few cities in Pakistan where there is a stronger trend for developing high-rise buildings.

 Integration of Green Building Concepts

The venture designers are applying the integrated design theory of green building to the concrete architectural design of the lodging society. With the growing complexity of environmental problems, the developers and venture designers want to pay attention to energy conservation and environmental protection in green buildings.

Eco-Friendly Environment

The housing society will contain an eco-friendly environment to promote green living and conserve energy. The goal of the developers is to avoid causing ecological damage and to prevent as much harm as possible as a result of their interactions with the surrounding greenery as the construction work goes on.

Pros and Cons


Community Amenities

The housing society offers exclusive community amenities like pools, gardens, gyms, entertainment venues, healthcare facilities and recreational options. Having these amenities within walking distance or a short ride away makes them even more pleasurable and convenient to accomplish anytime you are in the mood to go out. And if this is an important aspect of your lifestyle, you will have the ultimate luxurious way of living.

Vicinity to Nearby Towns

The towns near Murree such as Samblan, Dantar and Manga are also popularly visited destinations. Samblan is a town in Punjab, Pakistan, some 17 miles (27 kilometers) north of Islamabad, the country’s capital. Dantar is a city in Punjab, Pakistan, some 18 miles (28 kilometers) north of Islamabad, the country’s capital. Manga is a populous area in Pakistan’s Punjab province. The terrain elevation above sea level is estimated to be 773 metres.

Vicinity to Taxila

Several UNESCO world heritage sites are close by including Taxila, Pakistan’s nearest heritage site, lies 30 miles (40 kilometers) away from the housing society. The museum in Taxila houses a large and diverse collection of Gandharan art spanning the first to seventh centuries CE.

Ideal Location of Islamabad

The housing society enjoys a placement in the heart of the Federal Capital, where lush greenery dominates and serenity is abound. It is astonishing how the beauty of the hills surrounding the lodging society seem to be telling tales. The residents can easily access the main commercial points in Islamabad such as Blue Area, Karachi Company, Peshawar More and so on.


 Waiting Period

The housing society is in its initial stages of development, so the waiting time is undeniable, yet fruitful for those who are willing to wait for the best.


The Dream Valley Housing Scheme is the real estate’s gem possessing unique powers. In the coming years, it will be the most illustrious housing society of the twin cities, so Sigma Properties recommends you to take a step towards this excellent lodging society today.


What is Dream Valley Housing Scheme?

It is a housing society providing world-class amenities and a dreamy lifestyle.

Where is it located?

It is located near Murree Expressway and Korang River.

Is it an approved lodging society? 

Yes, it has been approved by RDA.

Will there be electricity, water and gas in the lodging society?

Yes, there will be an underground supply of electricity, water and gas.

Are there farmhouses in the housing society?

Yes there are farmhouses of 2 Kanal and 4 Kanal.

Is there any discount for the buyers?

There is a 10% discount upon paying the full amount.

Is the booking amount refundable?

The booking amount is non-refundable.

What are the extra charges for a main boulevard plot?

There are 50% extra charges for the main boulevard plot.