Announcement For Nova City Members

Nova city is affiliated with real estate since the 1970’s decade owned by dignified and reputed investors. Nova city announcement presents the following facts in front of its respected members and neglects all the whispering rumouring results out after the controversial inquiries.

  • The Nova city came into existence after one year in 2020 and first dealt in the land. Yet it is not connected to any interchange in Rawalpindi, and furthermore, the Nova city has paid millions to the government to have interchange in CPEC.
  • We ensure our respected members that public safety is the first priority of Nova City. It is not located in the No Construction Zone. Due to the personal benefits of some factors, the directors’ social life is given a wrong glance which we condemn.
  • Nova city registered its members; if their registrations are confirmed, it will need 3500 canals though we have more than 9000 canals.
  • We have reserved the rights of doing lawful against the false rumours and controversial acts against the company reputation and directors dignity which were commenced recently.
  • We ensure our members that Nova city still persistent in providing matchless residence and family lifestyle.

To Imran Khan: Prime Minister of Pakistan

Nova city encourages the prime minister’s interest in investing in real estate as it registered with thousands of canals land under the prime minister’s package for real estate. Recent propaganda causes the company to be blamed and reduce the opportunities of employment in real estate, direct and indirect investment, and circulating of the economy. It is equal to discourage the Low-Cost Housing Scheme. And it is against your dream of “NAYA PAKISTAN.”

We further propose that a free, independent, and persistent form should be established which would take action and restrict these kinds of propagandas to overcome the hurdles which are being produced from such propagandas and let not the company’s reputation fall.

In this regard, we agree to provide our help to any concerned department and are ready to provide any kind of documentation. We will not step back and add our best to the development of our country.